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European Defense, the Arctic and the Future

In this Special Report, Second Line of Defense looks at the evolving defense and security situation in the Arctic and Northern Europe. ...Download PDF Now>>

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The Osprey In the Pacific: The Perspective of the CG of 1st Marine Air Wing

07/28/2014  The Commanding General of 1st MAW Provides His Perspective on the Role of the Osprey in the Pacific. ...   Read More >>

The Norwegian Defense Minister Explains Why Norway Went to RIMPAC 2014

07/24/2014  Our contribution with our frigate to RIMPAC is a way of signaling that we stand ready to support the US, also in areas far away from European shores.   Read More >>

The KC-130J Demonstrates Flexibility: “Training, Training, Training”

07/24/2014  Major Mark Hamilton discusses how the KC-130J was used in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Read More >>

Expeditionary Logistics: Putting the F-35 Effort Into a Global Context

07/23/2014  The USMC and USAF along with foreign air forces are the triad will drive the forging of a global system to support the F-35.   Read More >>

Harvest Hawk in Afghanistan: 2012

07/22/2014  Video:Harvest Hawk in Afghanistan ...  

Post-Odyssey Dawn Libya: Libyan Air Force Aircraft Destroyed on the Tarmac

07/22/2014  The Libyan Air Force has lost an Il-76 transport aircraft to fighting by rival militias at Tripoli’s international airport.   Read More >>

The Acuity Flagpole Project: A Statement by the People of Wisconsin

07/22/2014  The people of Wisconsin make a statement. ...   Read More >>

The Downing of a Malaysian Airliner over Ukraine: A Regional Crisis Impacts the West – Shaping a European Response

07/22/2014  In many ways, the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine is simply the latest chapter in the ongoing Russian-Ukraine crisis. ...   Read More >>

KC-130 Squadron Moves to Air Station Iwakuni

07/21/2014  Video:KC-130 Squadron Moves to Air Station Iwakuni ...   Read More >>

Revisiting Iraq: The Kurds Provide An Option

07/20/2014  Although understandable, a do nothing or minimalist policy is a high-risk policy.   Read More >>

Norway Comes to RIMPAC 2014 for the First Time: A Symbol of 21st Century Dynamics

07/19/2014  It can be easily understood why India and China are participating but why Norway and how do they fit into any Pacific strategy ...   Read More >>

Sec Def Hagel Visits the 33rd Fighter Wing

07/19/2014  Recently, the US Secretary of Defense visited the 33rd Fighter Wing and focused on the role of the operators of the F-35.   Read More >>

Risk Intelligence on Mali and Its Regional Impact

07/19/2014  Since the French intervention early in 2013, the Mali conflict has been a defining one for regional security.. ...   Read More >>

The BRICS Summit in Brazil: Shaping a Global Strategic Space?

07/16/2014  The aim of all the BRICS is to begin to reshape the Western dominated international financial system ...   Read More >>

Innovation Inside the Bureaucracy

07/16/2014  The math is simple: individual with an idea plus a champion equals innovation.   Read More >>

RQ-2A UAV for the USN-USMC Team

07/16/2014  Slideshow:RQ-21 RPA for the USN-USMC Team ...   Read More >>

A400M Refueled by an A330MRTT: Shaping an Air Support Task Force?

07/16/2014  Recently, the A400M was refueled by the mulit-mission tanker, the A330MRT for the first time.   Read More >>

Visiting a USMC Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron: The VMU-2 Discusses the Future

07/15/2014  The CO of VMU-2 discusses the various dynamics of change affecting the evolution of UAVs within the USMC.   Read More >>

In Brief

Extending the Reach: Refueling the Air-policing Mission

07/27/2014  Video:Extending the reach: refueling the air-policing mission ...   Read More >>

NATO Allies Exercise Securing An Airfield in Poland

07/25/2014  Video:NATO Allies Exercise Securing An Airfield in Poland ...   Read More >>

Replenishment at Sea in the Pacific

07/25/2014  Video: Replenishment at Sea in the Pacific ...   Read More >>

Black Sea “Breeze”

07/24/2014  Video:With the Russian factor in play, NATO deploys to the Black Sea.   Read More >>

Harvest Hawk Live Fire Exercise: 2013

07/24/2014  Video:Harvest Hawk seen testing its weapons.  

Red Flag 14-13 Update

07/23/2014  Video:Red Flag 14-13 Update ...  

The KC-130J Supporting USMC Operations In any Clime and Anywhere

07/22/2014  Slideshow: The KC-130J Supporting USMC Operations In any Clime and Anywhere ...   Read More >>

Making USMC Cannons Expeditionary

07/22/2014  Slideshow:Making USMC Cannons Expeditionary ...  

Marine Squadron 152 Arrives in Iwakuni

07/21/2014  Video:Marine Squadron 152 Arrives in Iwakuni ...   Read More >>

Testing Strike Missiles During RIMPAC 14

07/21/2014  Video:Testing Strike Missiles During RIMPAC 14 ...   Read More >>

Qiandaohu Departs for At-Sea Phase of RIMPAC

07/20/2014  Video: Qiandaohu Departs for At-Sea Phase of RIMPAC ...   Read More >>

MRF-D Refueling Mission

07/20/2014  Video:MRF-D Refueling Mission with Australians.  

Viewing the USS America From the Bridge

07/17/2014  Slideshow:Viewing the USS America From the Command Deck ...   Read More >>

Shadow Company UAS

07/15/2014  Video:Shadow Company UAS ...  

A400M Paratroop Trials

07/14/2014  Airbus A400M conducts paratrooping trials ...  

Warlords Return to MCAS Beaufort

07/12/2014  Slideshow:Warlords Return to MCAS Beaufort to prepare for the F-35B to integrate into the MAGTF.   Read More >>

Ships Depart for Sea Phase, RIMPAC 2014

07/12/2014  Video:Ships Depart for Sea Phase, RIMPAC 2014 ...   Read More >>

Philippines and Aussies Conduct Maritime Surveillance in P3

07/12/2014  Video:Philippines and Aussies Conduct Maritime Surveillance in P3 ...   Read More >>

Douglas C-47 Skytrain Flies From Germany This Time to Normandy!

07/08/2014  Slideshow:Douglas C-47 Skytrain Flies From Germany This Time to Normandy! ...   Read More >>

SP-MAGTF Crisis Response Refuels 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit’s CH-53Es over the Mediterranean Sea

07/08/2014  Slideshow:SP-MAGTF Crisis Response Refuels 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit’s CH-53Es over the Mediterranean Sea ...   Read More >>

SP-MAGTF Crisis Response Aircraft Conduct Nighttime Air-to-Air Refueling over Spain

07/08/2014  Slideshow:SP-MAGTF Crisis Response Aircraft Conduct Nighttime Air-to-Air Refueling over Spain ...   Read More >>

Ships Depart Pearl Harbor for RIMPAC 2014 at Sea Activities

07/08/2014  Slideshow:Ships Depart Pearl for RIMPAC 2014 at Sea Activities ...   Read More >>

The VMX-22 Change of Command

07/08/2014  Slideshows:The VMX-22 Change of Command ...  

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F-35B STOVL Mode Formation Flight Testing

07/01/2014 –  Two F-35B aircraft flew in close formation for the first time in short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) mode, ...Read More>>


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The largest international exhibition for land defense and security will be held in Paris from 16-20 June 2014.

Eurosatory 2014<<


A leading security exposition, Milpol, will be held in Paris November 19-22 2013.

Milpol 2013<<


The Air Force Association’s Pacific Air & Space Symposium will be held November 21 – 22, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA.

Pacific Air and Space Symposium <<

Defense & Security Publications

European Defense Special Report Cover

European Defense, the Arctic and the Future

In this e-book, our recent Special Report highlighting Danish perspectives on the Northern European security situation is now available as an E-Book. The report is based on exclusive interviews with Danish experts conducted in Copenhagen in May 2014.

Read the E-Book<<


The Key Role of Exercises and Training Ranges

In this flipbook, a recent article in Front Line Defence looks at the key role of exercises and training in shaping 21st century defense capabilities.

Read the Flip Book<<



Filling the Gap: SPMAGTF-CR

In this piece, written by Murielle Delaporte, and first published in Leatherneck Magazine in April 2014, the role of Special Purpose MAGTFs is discussed.

Delaporte visited the SP-MAGTF in Spain and talked with the Marines just prior to their mission to South Sudan.

Read the Flipbook<<


Aussie Report

Australian Defense Modernization: An E-Book

In this e-book, our recent Special Report on Australian Defense Modernization can be viewed.

The report is based on exclusive interviews with the Australian defense forces.

Read the E-Book<<



Australia Shapes Its Airpower Approach

In this piece, first published in Front Line Defence (Canada), in April 2014, the focus is upon Australian airpower modernization.

Moving from the C-17, to the KC-30A, to the Wedgetail and then the F-35, Australia is modernizing its airpower.

Download the Report here<<

Arctic Grid

Building the Arctic Grid

This article looks at the challenge of building out an Arctic Grid in Canada and the possible contribution of the F-35 to the effort.

Download the PDF >>


Forging a 21st Century Military Strategy: Leveraging Challenges

This article published in Joint Force Quarterly in January 2014 provides a look at key challenges which will drive the shaping of a 21st century military strategy.

Read the Flipbook<<

The core image, which the General put on the table of where the transition needs  to go, is the ability to shape a combat cloud as a key element of the  battlespace within which the various deployed aircraft interact together to  shape air dominance to achieve joint force objectives. With a fifth generation enabled combat capability, one could put the pieces in place to deliver the operational situational awareness critical to joint forces, but this would be difficult if one does not have the fifth generation aircraft in the numbers required. Credit Images: Bigstock

The Next Phase of Air Power: Crafting and Enabling the Aerospace Combat Cloud

The digital enablement of key combat platforms is providing a forcing function role upon the next phase of the evolution of joint and coalition systems.

The emergence and evolution of what might be called the aerospace or air combat cloud is a key dynamic of change.

Download the Report here<<

The Italian facility can both final assemble and provide a basis for opening a maintenance facility or hub for the F-35. It is sized and equipped to achieve a full rate of 24 aircraft /year within 3 years (2016) to accommodate ITALY + NETHERLANDS deliveries. Credit Photo: Lockheed Martin

In this special report, we look at the Italian engagement with the F-35 and the thinking of Italian airpower leaders about the impact of the F-35 on the future.

The report is based on a Fall 2013 visit to Italy, the facilities and interviews with senior Italian officials.


OD in Cockpit

In this paper by Michael Skaff, the principal engineer of the F-35 pilot interface, and a pilot and then engineer involved with the F-16, the author focuses on the emergence of advanced sensor fusion in 5th generation aircraft and its impact.

The Impact of Advanced Sensor Fusion in 5th Generation Fighters on Combat Capability


Leatherneck Magazine Article on VMX-22.

In this article on the VMX-22 and its contribution to the MAGTF, Robbin Laird and Ed Timperlake highlight the evolution of USMC capabilities.

The article appeared in the October 2013, Leatherneck magazine.


Procurement Challenges

Procurement Strategy for 21st Century Challenges

Note to Self: Do Not Buy Yesterday’s Systems for Yesterday’s Challenges.”

Download the PDF >> 


USAF Perspective on F-35 Combat Systems

 Download the PDF >> 

Italian Version

Cameri, Italy and the F-35

Italy and the F-35 Special Report is now available in Italian for our Italian readers.

Interviews with senior airpower leaders in Italy as well as analyses of the new Cameri facility supporting a regional F-35 fleet are featured in the report.

Download the Report here<<

Aftermath of the February 3 cable car accident. Credit Photo: La Stampa, 7/13/11

The Challenge of Dealing with PTSD

Captain Joe Schweitzer was a member of the crew that was responsible for the accidental deaths of 20 Europeans in a tragic cable car accident.

In this piece by Captain Schweitzer, he recounts his struggles to remake his life in the wake of the tragedy and provides a powerful narrative on PTSD.

Download Article Here<<


First published in 2010, this book examines a number of key aspects of the impact of fifth generation aircraft on the evolution of airpower.

It includes, a number of key interviews with airpower leaders like General Corley, Secretary Wynne, Lt. General (retired) Trautman, former Deputy Commandant of USMC Aviation, and Lt. General (Retired) Deptula and now Dean of the Mitchell Airpower Institute.

Read the Flipbook<<


Deptula Last Flight

The Robotic Revolution: Building Blocks From Afghanistan

Lt. General (Retired) Deptula lays out how RPAs can be part of the Afghan Airpower Transiiton

Download the PDF >> 

F-35 Radar.

In a recent article published by the Joint Aircraft Survivability Program, the role of the F-35 radar is examined from the experience to date in combat exercises such as Northern Edge.

The F-35 Radar has already demonstrated a significant improvement in performance against enemy jammers and operating against advanced threats.


Azerbaijan Regional Role

In this report written by Dr. Richard Weitz, the key role which Azerbaijan plays in straddling Russia and Iran is the focus of attention.

Azerbaijan’s Regional Role

B-17 Returns to France

The B-17 lessons learned for 21st century airpower is the focus of this article.

Download the PDF >>

3 D Warriors 2nd Edition

We have a new edition of Three Dimensional Warriors.

The book can be purchased on Kindle and other e-book publishers as well.






The first SIP report dealt with the dynamics of change in China and the potential impact of a nuclear Iran.



The second SIP report dealt with the Euro crisis and its impact on global dynamics and relations.


Maritime Security

In this book published by Second Line of Defense in 2011, the challenges of maritime security are addressed and analyzed.

The book is presented in flipbook format with the attached link.


Air Mobiity

In this book published by Second Line of Defense in 2013, the key role of air mobility as a mission enabler is addressed in terms of the impact of helos, lifters and tankers on security and defense operations.

The book is presented in flipbook format below.


FAF Libya

In this edition of AIR ACTUALITIES, the French Air Force provides a look at their role in the Libyan operation in early 2011.

 Download the PDF version of the Special Edition>>


In a 2012t piece published by Jane’s Navy International, Robbin Laird and Ed Timperlake look at the evolution of U.S. maritime strategy in the Pacific.   The article presages some of the arguments in our 2013 book with Richard Weitz entitled Rebuilding American Military Power in the Pacific: A 21st Century Strategy (Praeger). Posted with permission of Jane’s.

Download the PDF version of the Report>>

Weapons Enterprise

The synergy among 5th generation aircraft, weapons and robotics will create a new weapons enterprise.

Legacy weapons are simply that.

This report identifies key aspects of the 21st century weapons enterprise.

Download the PDF version of the Report>>



In the July 2012 issue of Joint Force’s Quarterly (the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff journal), SLD’s Robbin Laird and Ed Timperlake provided an overview of the impact of the F-35 on the future of power projection.

The F-35 is called a joint strike fighter (JSF), and its ability to work with, leverage, and enhance the capability of power projection forces is at the heart of the next 20 years of rebuilding U.S. and allied forces.

Download the PDF version of the full publication here>>

3 D Warrior

First introduced at the Farnborough Air Show in 2008, Three Dimensional Warriors provides an overview of how aviation for the United States Marine Corps (USMC) shapes their entire capabilities and directs how they operate.

The Second Edition can now be read on Kindle.

To read this Second Line of Defense book as a Flipbook click on the link below:


"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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