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Promoting Nuclear Energy and Non-Proliferation: The Contribution of Kazakhstan

In this Special Report, Richard Weitz looks at the role of Kazakhstan in pursuing and promoting nuclear security.Download PDF Now>>

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A Challenge for Informed Public Debate: The Impact of Asserted Facts Journalism

01/25/2015  For asserted facts journalists their views are more important than how the operators are creating the airpower of tomorrow today.   Read More >>

The Evolution of Iraqi Kurdistan: The Perspective of Amatzia Baram.

01/25/2015  The war with ISIS has given Iraqi Kurdistan the opportunity to demonstrate its strength, order and cohesiveness. ...   Read More >>

An Update on the F-35 Final Assembly Line

01/24/2015  Flight International has provided an update on the F-35 final assembly line in Fort Worth as of January 2015.   Read More >>

The Introduction of the A400M into the French Air Force: A Catalyst for Change

01/23/2015  The A400M has entered into service with the French Air Force concurrent with a change in the French Air Force (FAF) command structure ...   Read More >>

The "Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group One Change of Command

01/22/2015  The NATO Counter-Mine Task Force is about to go on an exercise in the Baltic sea. ...   Read More >>

Crafting the Gerald R. Ford Flight Deck: Enlarging the Operational Space

01/22/2015  The Gerald R. Ford has an additional 8000 square feet of operational space on the flight deck. ...   Read More >>

Shaping Flexible C2 at Sea: The Role of Flexible Infrastructure

01/21/2015  The CVN 78 has significant potential role as a very flexible command and control at sea command platform. ...   Read More >>

Cameroon Diversifies Arms Suppliers: Russia Added to the Mix

01/20/2015  Cameroon is adding Russia to the mix of its arms suppliers.   Read More >>

Egypt Diversifies its Arms Suppliers

01/20/2015  Egypt turns to France and Russia as arms suppliers.   Read More >>

F-35 and F-22 Operational Integration Training Mission

01/19/2015  Training to bring together the core competencies of the two systems -- F-22 and F-35 -- into a coherent combat force has begun. ...   Read More >>

Transforming the Royal Australian Air Force’s Sustainable Reach: The Key Role of the RAAF’s Air Mobility Group

01/17/2015  The RAAF has self-deployed to Iraq.  

Welcoming the F-35 to the Air Warfare Weapons School: The Next Chapter

01/16/2015  A new era began at the U.S. Air Force Weapons School when its first F-35A Lightning II touched-down at Nellis.   Read More >>

The Next Chapter in Renorming Airpower: The F-35 Arrives at the USAF Weapons School

01/16/2015   

Initial Maintenance of the French A400M at the Clermont-Ferrand Air Base

01/14/2015  As the A400M squadron is stood up and its operations normalized, the A400M will enter the normal French systems of maintenance and support.   Read More >>

Resuming Atlantic Resolve Training in Eastern Europe

01/13/2015  U.S. Army troops resumed Operation Atlantic Resolve land-forces training of allied and partner forces this week as 75 Stryker combat vehicles arrived in Eastern Europe ...   Read More >>

E-7A Wedgetail Operating Over Iraq

01/12/2015  For the first time, the new Australian airborne early warning and C2 aircraft is operating in combat.   Read More >>

USS Ponce Laser Weapon System Goes to Sea

01/12/2015  The laser aboard the USS Ponce is fully operational and integrated into the radar system onboard.   Read More >>

Italy and Egypt Sign Defense Cooperation Agreement

01/11/2015  In a follow up from her visit to the Middle East, the Italian Defense Minister signs a new defense cooperation agreement with Egypt.   Read More >>

The Second Line of Defense Visit to the USS Gerald Ford

01/10/2015  The USS Ford will provide a solid infrastructure for building 21st century concepts of operations.   Read More >>

Parsing Russia’s New Military Doctrine: NATO as a Core Threat

01/08/2015  The latest Russian military doctrine has been signed out in December 2014. ...   Read More >>

In Brief

Replenishment at Sea Operations at Night

01/28/2015  Video:Replenishment at Sea Operations at Night ...   Read More >>

AC-130 Hercules in Action

01/28/2015  In the A-10 discussion, the AC-130 is an obvious answer in various Close Air Support Roles.   Read More >>

National Guard Conducts Carolina Thunder 2014

01/28/2015  Video:National Guard Conducts Carolina Thunder 2014 ...   Read More >>

The Air Wing at Sea Aboard the USS George Washington

01/25/2015  Slideshow:The Air Wing at Sea Aboard the USS George Washington ...   Read More >>

Preparing the USS John C. Stennis Flight Deck

01/20/2015  Slideshow:Preparing the USS John C. Stennis Flight Deck ...   Read More >>

Catching Lightning: F-35C on the Nimitz

01/19/2015  The F-35C is coming to the carrier air wing.   Read More >>

An A-400M Slideshow: In Service with Four Air Forces

01/15/2015  Slideshow:An A-400M Slideshow ...  

24th MEU Training For Deployment

01/15/2015  Slideshow:24th MEU Training For Deployment ...  

Transiting the Suez Canal

01/13/2015  Slideshow:Transiting the Suez Canal ...  

The Australian Prime Minister Visits RAAF Air Task Group in the Middle East

01/11/2015  Recently, the Aussie PM visited the Australian forces in the Middle East.   Read More >>

RAAF Air Mobility Group in Action

01/10/2015  Slideshow:RAAF Air Mobility Group in Action ...   Read More >>

Underwater Images of USS Utah Memorial

01/10/2015  Video:Underwater Images of USS Utah Memorial ...   Read More >>

RAAF C-130s September 2014 Flyover Sydney Harbor and Richmond Air Base

01/08/2015  Slideshow:RAAF C-130s September 2014 Flyover Sydney Harbor and Richmond Air Base ...   Read More >>

SBX Entering Pearl Harbor, October 2014

01/07/2015  Video:SBX Entering Pearl Harbor, October 2014 ...   Read More >>

USS Rodney M. Davis Conducts Replenishment at Sea with USNS Pecos

01/05/2015  Replenishment at sea provided by an MSC ship to the USN fleet.   Read More >>

USS Carl Vinson Flight Operations in Support of Iraqi Ops

01/04/2015  Slideshow:USS Carl Vinson Flight Operations in Support of Iraqi Ops ...   Read More >>

Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Exercise

01/01/2015  Video:Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Exercise ...   Read More >>

MSST Fast Ropes Aboard a Fast Response Cutter: A First

12/18/2014  Slideshow:MSST Fast Ropes Aboard a Fast Response Cutter: A First ...   Read More >>

Baltic Air Policing and Russian Intrusions: Dutch F-16s Engage

12/14/2014  A recent video released by the Dutch Ministry of Defense highlights a recent Russian intrusion into Baltic air space.   Read More >>

RIMPAC Panorama View at Sea

07/30/2014  Video:RIMPAC Panorama View at Sea ...  

MRF-D Conducts a Fire Team Leaders Course

07/30/2014  The Marines train with the Australians in Fire Support Operations. ...   Read More >>

F-22 Photos from Arctic Thunder 2014

07/29/2014  Slideshow:F-22 Photos from Arctic Thunder 2014 ...   Read More >>

Extending the Reach: Refueling the Air-policing Mission

07/27/2014  Video:Extending the reach: refueling the air-policing mission ...   Read More >>

NATO Allies Exercise Securing An Airfield in Poland

07/25/2014  Video:NATO Allies Exercise Securing An Airfield in Poland ...   Read More >>

Replenishment at Sea in the Pacific

07/25/2014  Video: Replenishment at Sea in the Pacific ...   Read More >>

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An Update from the 33rd Fighter Wing on F-35 Maintenance

11/11/2014 –  An update on the F-35 maintenance approach.Read More>>


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The largest international exhibition for land defense and security will be held in Paris from 16-20 June 2014.

Eurosatory 2014<<


A leading security exposition, Milpol, will be held in Paris November 19-22 2013.

Milpol 2013<<


The Air Force Association’s Pacific Air & Space Symposium will be held November 21 – 22, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA.

Pacific Air and Space Symposium <<

Defense & Security Publications

Weitz Report on Nuclear Security

Promoting Nuclear Energy and Non-Proliferation: The Contribution of Kazakhstan: An E-Book

In this e-book, Richard Weitz examines the leadership role which Kazakhstan has taken in the area of nuclear security.

This report looks at the reasons behind the commitment and the role, which Kazakhstan is playing to shape a way ahead in a contested world.

Read the E-Book<<



Flight Training: Cuts Threaten Capabilities and Mission Success

In this article published by Front Line Defence, the challenge of dealing with training cuts on evolving aviation capabilities and mission success is the focus of attention.

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Tron Warfare

Shaping a 21st Century Approach to Tron Warfare An E-Book

In this e-book, Ed Timperlake focuses on the emergence of Tron Warfare.

The report is based on several years of interviews and work in the military aviation community and with many of the pilots and operators of the F-35.

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An F-35C Lightning II carrier variant joint strike fighter makes an arrested landing aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68). An integrated global fleet of F-35s is a key asset for shaping joint and coalition capabilities for 21st century combat operations.

The Future of Naval Aviation An E-Book

In this e-book, our recent Special Report on The Future of Naval Aviation can be viewed.

The report is based on exclusive interviews with the USN Aviation community, notably at the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center

Read the E-Book<<



The F-35 Program from the Italian Perspective

Recently, the Rome based think tank, Centro Studi Internazionali, published their look at the F-35 program, its impact on Italian defense and the role of Italy within the global enterprise.

Read the Report<<

A forthcoming article in Front Line Defence discusses a number of the issues presented in the Rome briefing. Credit: Front Line Defence

Insertion Forces

In this article from Front Line Defence (Issue 5, 2014), the shaping of forces appropriate to dealing with ongoing onslaught of “strategic surprises” is examined.

Read the Article<<

Captain Hall

The USS America and Innovation

In this article from Front Line Defence (August 2014), a look at the clusters of innovations associated with the USS America is provided.

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Extending the Reach of Airpower

In this article from Front Line Defence (August 2014), an update on the A330MRTT global fleet is provided.

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Distributed Laydown

Distributed Laydown: Shaping the U.S. Marine Corps’s Future in the Pacific

In this e-book, the article on the USMC in the Pacific published by Leatherneck Magazine in August 2014 is now available as an E-Book. The article is based on interviews conducted in the Pacific in the Spring of 2014

Read the E-Book<<

European Defense Special Report Cover

European Defense, the Arctic and the Future

In this e-book, our recent Special Report highlighting Danish perspectives on the Northern European security situation is now available as an E-Book. The report is based on exclusive interviews with Danish experts conducted in Copenhagen in May 2014.

Read the E-Book<<


The Key Role of Exercises and Training Ranges

In this flipbook, a recent article in Front Line Defence looks at the key role of exercises and training in shaping 21st century defense capabilities.

Read the Flip Book<<


Aussie Report

Australian Defense Modernization: An E-Book

In this e-book, our recent Special Report on Australian Defense Modernization can be viewed.

The report is based on exclusive interviews with the Australian defense forces.

Read the E-Book<<



Filling the Gap: SPMAGTF-CR

In this piece, written by Murielle Delaporte, and first published in Leatherneck Magazine in April 2014, the role of Special Purpose MAGTFs is discussed.

Delaporte visited the SP-MAGTF in Spain and talked with the Marines just prior to their mission to South Sudan.

Read the Flipbook<<


Aftermath of the February 3 cable car accident. Credit Photo: La Stampa, 7/13/11

The Challenge of Dealing with PTSD

Captain Joe Schweitzer was a member of the crew that was responsible for the accidental deaths of 20 Europeans in a tragic cable car accident.

In this piece by Captain Schweitzer, he recounts his struggles to remake his life in the wake of the tragedy and provides a powerful narrative on PTSD.

Download Article Here<<


In the July 2012 issue of Joint Force’s Quarterly (the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff journal), SLD’s Robbin Laird and Ed Timperlake provided an overview of the impact of the F-35 on the future of power projection.

The F-35 is called a joint strike fighter (JSF), and its ability to work with, leverage, and enhance the capability of power projection forces is at the heart of the next 20 years of rebuilding U.S. and allied forces.

Download the PDF version of the full publication here>>


Forging a 21st Century Military Strategy: Leveraging Challenges

This article published in Joint Force Quarterly in January 2014 provides a look at key challenges which will drive the shaping of a 21st century military strategy.

Read the Flipbook<<

The Italian facility can both final assemble and provide a basis for opening a maintenance facility or hub for the F-35. It is sized and equipped to achieve a full rate of 24 aircraft /year within 3 years (2016) to accommodate ITALY + NETHERLANDS deliveries. Credit Photo: Lockheed Martin

In this special report, we look at the Italian engagement with the F-35 and the thinking of Italian airpower leaders about the impact of the F-35 on the future.

The report is based on a Fall 2013 visit to Italy, the facilities and interviews with senior Italian officials.


OD in Cockpit

In this paper by Michael Skaff, the principal engineer of the F-35 pilot interface, and a pilot and then engineer involved with the F-16, the author focuses on the emergence of advanced sensor fusion in 5th generation aircraft and its impact.

The Impact of Advanced Sensor Fusion in 5th Generation Fighters on Combat Capability


Arctic Grid

Building the Arctic Grid

This article looks at the challenge of building out an Arctic Grid in Canada and the possible contribution of the F-35 to the effort.

Download the PDF >>

Weapons Enterprise

The synergy among 5th generation aircraft, weapons and robotics will create a new weapons enterprise.

Legacy weapons are simply that.

This report identifies key aspects of the 21st century weapons enterprise.

Download the PDF version of the Report>>



First published in 2010, this book examines a number of key aspects of the impact of fifth generation aircraft on the evolution of airpower.

It includes, a number of key interviews with airpower leaders like General Corley, Secretary Wynne, Lt. General (retired) Trautman, former Deputy Commandant of USMC Aviation, and Lt. General (Retired) Deptula and now Dean of the Mitchell Airpower Institute.

Read the Flipbook<<


"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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