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North European and North Atlantic Defense: The Challenges Return

This Special Report looks at innovations in the region and how these innovations might inform transformation of the forces of the liberal democracies in dealing with the illiberal powers.Download PDF Now>>

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UK Signs Support Deal for C-17s

02/19/2018  A look at the recent UK agreement to support their C-17s in the decade ahead.   Read More >>

UK Minister of Defence Visits Australia

02/19/2018  During a recent visit to Australia, the UK Minister of Defence emphasized the working relationship with Australia in defense.   Read More >>

Finland and New Combat Aircraft: Looking Back at the Hornet Acquisition

02/19/2018  A look back at the strategic context within which Finland acquired its F-18s.   Read More >>

The Standup of the Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats: Shaping a Way Ahead

02/18/2018  An important new center for preparing the liberal democracies to deal with the hybrid influencing threat has been stood up in Helsinki.   Read More >>

Crafting a Way Ahead for the Defense of Finland: The Perspective of the Head of the Defense Policy Branch in the Ministry of Defence, Finland

02/16/2018  The head of the defense policy unit at the Finnish MoD looks at the evolution of Finnish defense policy.   Read More >>

The Importance of Aircraft Carriers for the Indian Navy

02/16/2018  Building carriers is an important part of the Indian strategy to counter the rise of Chinese maritime power.   Read More >>

Shaping a Way Ahead for the Defense of Finland: The Perspective of a Finnish Research Analyst

02/16/2018  The Finnish national defense focus is becoming broadened toward perimeter and regional defense.   Read More >>

Creating Continuous Improvement Capabilities: A Core 21st Century Strategic Advantage for the US and Allied Militaries

02/15/2018  With the coming of the CH-53K there is a strategic opportunity for the Navy-Marine Corps to reshape how they handle data.   Read More >>

Finnish Minister of Defence Meets with US Army Chief of Staff

02/14/2018  The Finns are reworking regional defense and playing a key role.   Read More >>

The Queen Opens the F-35 Facility at RAF Marham

02/14/2018  The Brits are standing up their F-35 facilities at RAF Marham this year.   Read More >>

The Future Agenda of US-Ukrainian Military Relations

02/13/2018  Stephen Blank looks at Ukrainian dilemmas and how the United States might help.   Read More >>

A Russian View on the Future Defense Industrial Relationship with India

02/13/2018  India Strategic highlights a key Russian view of the future of the Indian-Russian defense industrial relationship.   Read More >>

The Williams Foundation March 2018 Seminar: A Look at the Shift to Preparing to Fight and Prevail in High Intensity Warfare

02/12/2018  The Williams Foundation next seminar focuses on the challenges of the shift from the land wars to higher tempo, high intensity operations.   Read More >>

The Sikorsky Approach to Global Fleet Management and Support: Lessons Learned for Evolving Military Programs

02/12/2018  The Sikorsky Customer Service Center established in 2015 provides some ground breaking approaches which can have a significant impact for the US and allied militaries.   Read More >>

USMC Stands Up First MEF Support Battallion

02/12/2018  he activation of the MSB is in line with the Commandant's priorities to modernize the force and develop increased 21st century war fighting capabilities.   Read More >>

In Brief

MAGTF Trains for Fire Support

02/18/2018  Video:MAGTF Trains for Fire Support ...  

Rebuilding the Afghan Air Force: The Role of the Cessna

02/15/2018  Video:Rebuilding the Afghan Air Force: The Role of the Cessna ...   Read More >>

Integrating Naval Warfare Centers

02/13/2018  Video:Integrating Naval Warfare Centers ...  

USS America Completes First Deployment

02/11/2018  Slideshow:USS America Completes First Deployment ...  

The Estonian Cyber Defence Unit

02/11/2018  Video:The Estonian Cyber Defence Unit ...  

Cyber Coalition

02/10/2018  Video:Cyber Coalition ...  

TRAP Mission

02/10/2018  Video:TRAP Mission ...  

Super Stallions Supporting 31st MEU

02/05/2018  Video:Super Stallions Supporting 31st MEU ...  

Baltic Air Policing Mission

02/01/2018  Video:Baltic Air Policing Mission ...  

Tanker Flight

01/30/2018  Video:Tanker Flight ...  

HMAS Warramunga Continues Counter-Drug Mission

01/22/2018  Video:HMAS Warramunga Continues Counter-Drug Mission ...  

Talisman Saber 17 and Blue Green Team

01/21/2018  Video:Talisman Saber 17 and Blue Green Team ...   Read More >>

Osprey in Aero-Medical Research

01/20/2018  Video:Osprey in Aero-Medical Research ...  

F-35 Icy Runway Testing

01/20/2018  Video:F-35 Icy Runway Testing ...  

USAF Bombers Deploy to UK

01/18/2018  Video:USAF Bombers Deploy to UK ...  

The F-35 Enabled USS Wasp Arrives in Japan

01/17/2018  Video:The F-35 Enabled USS Wasp Arrives in Japan ...   Read More >>

USS America Departs Guam

01/17/2018  Video:USS America Departs Guam ...  

NATO Year in Review: 2018

01/17/2018  Video:NATO Year in Review: 2018 ...  

HMAS Warramunga Drug Interdiction in Arabian Sea

01/17/2018  Video:HMAS Warramunga Drug Interdiction in Arabian Sea ...   Read More >>

KC-10 Refueling F-22s Over Iraq

01/15/2018  F-22s have become part of the regular air combat force in the Middle East for the US and the allies.   Read More >>

Flightline Shelters Construction in the Middle East 

01/12/2018  This video highlights building shelters in the Middle East for RAAF combat aircraft.   Read More >>

Memphis Belle-Restoration Update Jan. 2018

01/10/2018  Video:Memphis Belle-Restoration Update Jan. 2018 ...  

1 MEF 2017 Year in Review

01/08/2018  Video:1 MEF 2017 Year in Review ...   Read More >>

ROV Training

01/08/2018  Video:ROV Training ...  

Angel Thunder 18-1

01/05/2018  Slideshow:Angel Thunder 18-1 ...  

CV-22 Overview

01/03/2018  Video:CV-22 Overview ...  

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An Overview on WTI 1-18

11/28/2017 –  A video overview on the latest WTI course at USMC Air Station Yuma.Read More>>


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Shows / Events

The 2017 Joint Air and Space Power Conference will be held from 10-12 October 2017 in Essen Germany.

2017 Joint Air and Space Power Conference

The next seminar in the Williams Foundation focus on the evolution and significance of electronic warfare for a 21st century integrated combat force. It will be held August 23, 2017 at the National Gallery of Australia, ACT.

A New Approach, and Attitude, to Electronic Warfare in Australia. 

Defense & Security Publications

Adapting ASW Skill Sets

This article published in Front Line Defence, Issue 5, 2017 looks at the 12th Wing Shearwater and its evolving approach to ASW.

Read the Article

The Future of Electronic Warfare

This special report looks at the future of electronic warfare from the perspective of the participants in a Williams Foundation seminar on the subject.

Read the Report

Danish Defense Modernization

This article published in Front Line Defence, Issue 5, 2017 looks at Denmark’s approach to shaping a 21st Century defense structure.

Read the Article

Shaping 21st Century Norwegian Defense

This special report examines the Norwegian approach towards shaping a national defense policy.

Read the Flipbook Version<<

The Maritime Services, the Allies and Shaping the Kill Web

The report highlights the transformation approach being crafted to build, deploy and develop an integrated 21st century combat force able to operate as a kill web.

Read the Report

Northern European and North Atlantic Defense: The Challenges Return

This special report looks at the evolving North Atlantic and Nordic defense situation.

Read the Report

Squadron Fighter Pilots: The Unstoppable Force of Innovation for 5th Generation Enabled Concepts of Operations

To understand the intangible of pilot performance and the future combat success of the F-35, Lightning II, one just has to listen to what the military pilots who actually are fly the aircraft are saying, all other critics are second order.

Read the Article<<

Rethinking China Policy

This special report examines the strategic opportunity for the Trump Administration.

Read the Flipbook Version<<

Integrated Air and Missile Defence Study: The Challenge of Integrated Force Design

This Williams Foundation Report examines IAMD as a case study of how one might design an integrated force by design rather than doing so post-acquisition of platforms.

Read the Study

Designing the Integrated Force: How to Define and Meet the Challenge?

In this report, the major presentations and discussions at the Williams Foundation seminar on integrated force design held on April 11, 2017 in Canberra, Australia are highlighted along with interviews conducted before, during and after the seminar as well.

Read the Report

Levearge and Learning from Allied Forces 

By leveraging extant allied programs and capabilities which if adopted by the US forces would save money but even more importantly ramp up the operational capability of the US forces and their ability to work with allies in the shortest time possible.

Read the Report

The Integration of the F-35B into USMC Operations

This special report provides an update on the introduction and integration of the F-35B into evolving USMC operations.

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Norway Shaping Its 21st Century Defence

This article published in Front Line Defence, Vol. 14, No 2., 2017 looks at Norway’s approach to shaping a 21st Century defense structure.

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Denmarks Eyeing Russia Looks to 20% Defense Spending Boost: What it Means

“Denmark faces more serious threats than in any other period following the fall of the Berlin Wall.” In this Breaking Defense article published on November 17, 2017 the Danish approach is discussed. 

Read the Article<<

The USS America and Innovation

In this article from Front Line Defence (August 2014), a look at the clusters of innovations associated with the USS America is provided.

Read the Article<<

Royal Australian Air Force Transformation, October 2015

Our partner Front Line Defence has provided an update on the KC-30A and its role in the RAAF transformation strategy.

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Visiting RAF Lossiemouth: The RAF Shapes a Way Ahead

The RAF is in transition and RAF Lossiemouth is a key base where it is taking place.

Read the Flipbook Version<<

Extending the Reach of Airpower

In this article from Front Line Defence (August 2014), an update on the A330MRTT global fleet is provided.

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The F-35 and Transformation of the Power Projection Forces

We have just published a Special Report based on US and allied interviews on this important subject.

Read the Flipbook Version<<

New Approaches to Air-Sea Integration

The Williams Foundation sponsored a seminar with regard to the way ahead on force integration.

Read the Flipbook Version<<

Distributed Laydown: Shaping the U.S. Marine Corps’s Future in the Pacific

In this e-book, the article on the USMC in the Pacific published by Leatherneck Magazine in August 2014 is now available as an E-Book. The article is based on interviews conducted in the Pacific in the Spring of 2014

Read the E-Book<<

The Future of Naval Aviation An E-Book

In this e-book, our recent Special Report on The Future of Naval Aviation can be viewed.

The report is based on exclusive interviews with the USN Aviation community, notably at the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center

Read the E-Book<<


The Way Ahead: Opening the Mission Sets

In this article published by our partner Front Line Defence, the perspective of Admiral Gortney, then Commander of NORTHCOM and NORAD, is provided on the challenges facing North American Defense.

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Australia’s New Class of Conventional Submarines

In a piece published in the fourth issue of 2016 by Front Line Defence, the building of a new class of conventional submarines in Australia is discussed.

Read the Article<<

European Defense, the Arctic and the Future

In this e-book, our recent Special Report highlighting Danish perspectives on the Northern European security situation is now available as an E-Book. The report is based on exclusive interviews with Danish experts conducted in Copenhagen in May 2014.

Read the E-Book<<

Shaping a 21st Century Approach to Tron Warfare An E-Book

In this e-book, Ed Timperlake focuses on the emergence of Tron Warfare.

The report is based on several years of interviews and work in the military aviation community and with many of the pilots and operators of the F-35.

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Western Sahara and European Security

This report by the French Mediterranean Sub-Group looks at ways to bring about a settlement of the Polisario-Moroccan issue.

The urgency of the states bordering the huge Sahara region to reinforce stability in the region has been heightened by events in the Middle East, along with the Libyan decay and the emergence of ISIS.

Read the Report<<

Airpower and the Hybrid Threat, December 2015

Our partner Front Line Defence has provided a look at 5th generation enabled combat ops and the hybrid threat.

Read the Article<<

CH-53s: Shifting Generation

In this article published in the leading French defense magazine OPERATIONNELS SLDS, Spring/Summer 2016, the nature of the next generation CH-53 and its role is explained based on interviews with the USMC.

Read the Article<<

Australia Crafts Its Own Anti-Access, Area Denial Strategy

The Australian military is shaping a transformed military force, one built around new platforms but ones that operate in a joint manner in an extended battlespace. as seen in this August 19, 2016  Breaking Defense article.

Read the Article<<

The F-35 and 21st Century Defence: Shaping a Way Ahead

We have just published a book on Amazon in Kindle format focusing the arrival of the F-35 and its interactive role reshaping the defense forces of the democracies.

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The Key Role of Exercises and Training Ranges

In this flipbook, a recent article in Front Line Defence looks at the key role of exercises and training in shaping 21st century defense capabilities.

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Australian Defense Modernization: An E-Book

In this e-book, our recent Special Report on Australian Defense Modernization can be viewed.

The report is based on exclusive interviews with the Australian defense forces.

Read the E-Book<<


Insertion Forces

In this article from Front Line Defence (Issue 5, 2014), the shaping of forces appropriate to dealing with ongoing onslaught of “strategic surprises” is examined.

Read the Article<<

RAAF Goes to Iraq: Transformation and Engagement

In this article published by Front Line Defence, the transformation of the RAAF evident in the way they have deployed to and operated in Iraq is the focus of attention.

Read the Article<<

An Update on the KC-30A from Edwards AFB: Clearing the Way for Expanded Operations

In an interview conducted at Edwards AFB with the Aussie tanker team, plus an update from Spain, we are providing an update on the Aussies as they move to Tanker 2.0

Read the Article<<

Filling the Gap: SPMAGTF-CR

In this piece, written by Murielle Delaporte, and first published in Leatherneck Magazine in April 2014, the role of Special Purpose MAGTFs is discussed.

Delaporte visited the SP-MAGTF in Spain and talked with the Marines just prior to their mission to South Sudan.

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France, India and 21st Century Strategic Challenges, April 2015

Our partner India Strategic published a piece on the buy of the Rafale and its strategic context.

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New Approaches to Air-Land Integration: A Williams Foundation Seminar on 5th Generation Enabled Combat Operations

The seminar held on March 17, 2016 in Canberra, Australia, focused on new approaches to air-land integration.

Read the Report<<

The Challenge of Dealing with PTSD

Captain Joe Schweitzer was a member of the crew that was responsible for the accidental deaths of 20 Europeans in a tragic cable car accident.

In this piece by Captain Schweitzer, he recounts his struggles to remake his life in the wake of the tragedy and provides a powerful narrative on PTSD.

Download Article Here<<

The F-35 Program from the Italian Perspective

Recently, the Rome based think tank, Centro Studi Internazionali, published their look at the F-35 program, its impact on Italian defense and the role of Italy within the global enterprise.

Read the Report<<

Norway, Security and the High North

In a piece published in the second issue of 2016 by Front Line Defence, the significance and challenge for modern fleet logistics is the focus of attention.

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In the July 2012 issue of Joint Force’s Quarterly (the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff journal), SLD’s Robbin Laird and Ed Timperlake provided an overview of the impact of the F-35 on the future of power projection.

The F-35 is called a joint strike fighter (JSF), and its ability to work with, leverage, and enhance the capability of power projection forces is at the heart of the next 20 years of rebuilding U.S. and allied forces.

Download the PDF version of the full publication here>>

Forging a 21st Century Military Strategy: Leveraging Challenges

This article published in Joint Force Quarterly in January 2014 provides a look at key challenges which will drive the shaping of a 21st century military strategy.

Read the Flipbook<<

The Renorming of Airpower:The F-35 Arrives Into the Combat Force

The F-35 is not a future program; it is here now.

Read the Flipbook<<

Lessons Learned at Pax River: The Coming of the F-35 Fleet

Squadron Pilots in Marines, USAF and Navy, and in partner Air Forces will be backed up by the best test community at Edwards and Pax

Read the Flipbook<<

In this paper by Michael Skaff, the principal engineer of the F-35 pilot interface, and a pilot and then engineer involved with the F-16, the author focuses on the emergence of advanced sensor fusion in 5th generation aircraft and its impact.

The Impact of Advanced Sensor Fusion in 5th Generation Fighters on Combat Capability


Reach and Punch: The Sea Services Prepare to Prevail in the Extended Battlespace

The sea services are changing their concepts of operations and leveraging new technology to fight more effectively in the extended battlespace as seen in this December 20, 2015 Breaking Defense interview with Rear Admiral Manazir

Read the Article<<

Building the Arctic Grid

This article looks at the challenge of building out an Arctic Grid in Canada and the possible contribution of the F-35 to the effort.

Download the PDF >>

Challenges for the Military Sealift Command: The Distributed Fleet

In a piece published on February 18, 2015, Breaking Defense looks at why strengthening the U.S. merchant marine is a key strategic imperative.

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The synergy among 5th generation aircraft, weapons and robotics will create a new weapons enterprise.

Legacy weapons are simply that.

This report identifies key aspects of the 21st century weapons enterprise.

Download the PDF version of the Report>>


Higher Tempo Ops in Contested Airspace

The challenge for Western forces to operate in higher tempo ops was the focus of attention at the Trilateral Exercise in December 2015 at Langley AFB with the Brits and the French.

Read the Article<<

First published in 2010, this book examines a number of key aspects of the impact of fifth generation aircraft on the evolution of airpower.

It includes, a number of key interviews with airpower leaders like General Corley, Secretary Wynne, Lt. General (retired) Trautman, former Deputy Commandant of USMC Aviation, and Lt. General (Retired) Deptula and now Dean of the Mitchell Airpower Institute.

Read the Flipbook<<


"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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