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North European and North Atlantic Defense: The Challenges Return

This Special Report looks at innovations in the region and how these innovations might inform transformation of the forces of the liberal democracies in dealing with the illiberal powers.Download PDF Now>>

What's New

Leveraging the F-35 as Part of Danish Defense Transformation: The Perspective of the New Chief of Staff of the Royal Danish Air Force

10/18/2017  The new Danish COS of the RDAF looks ahead as the Danes renorm their air combat force.   Read More >>

Shaping a Way Ahead in Nordic Defense

10/17/2017  How might the Nordics best shape a way ahead in defense of their region? ...   Read More >>

Amphibiosity in Asia: The Philippine President Visits HMAS Adelaide

10/17/2017  The Philippine President Visits HMAS Adelaide.  

A Norwegian Perspective on Nordic Security: Challenges and Shaping a Way Ahead

10/17/2017  A discussion with a senior Norwegian MoD official focuses on Nordic security dynamics.   Read More >>

Tanking a B-2 at Night: Todd Miller Shares the Experience

10/16/2017  Todd Miller flies onboard a tanker supporting the bomber fleet and recounts the experience.   Read More >>

South Africa Builds a New Missile

10/15/2017  Denel Dynamics is developing a BVR air-to-air missile which will be fitted onto the South African Gripen aircraft.   Read More >>

North European and North Atlantic Defense: The Challenges Return

10/15/2017  The Russian impact has been to stimulate greater Northern European interest in defense modernization and a practical focus on enhanced cooperation.   Read More >>

The Danes Take the Threats Seriously: Investing in More Effective Defense Forces

10/15/2017  In October 2017, the Danish government released its proposed new five-year defense guidance and defense spending guidelines.   Read More >>

Changing the Business Rules: Enhancing the Capabilities for Airpower IB 21

10/15/2017  Our own business rules guarantee that we will not take full advantage of the software upgradeable platforms we are ALREADY buying.   Read More >>

F-22s Return from Operation Inherent Resolve: Expanding the Envelope of the F-22

10/14/2017  The F-22 is becoming recognized for its C2, ISR and strike functionalities working within an integrated air combat force.   Read More >>

The UK Readies for the Coming of the Queen Elizabeth Carriers: Ski Jump Testing

10/14/2017  Ski jump training is part of the preparation for the new class of UK carriers which will deploy with F-35Bs as the key air combat component.   Read More >>

500 and Counting: The 500 F-35 Pilot Takes to the Skies

10/14/2017  Recently, Eglin saw a milestone achieved with the 500th F-35 pilot taking to the skies.   Read More >>

RAF Valley Air Station, Wales, Receives Upgrades: Supporting the F-35s and Typhoons

10/14/2017  The Welsh based RAF Valley Air Station has been modernized to play its role in the introduction of the F-35 and the evolution of the Typhoon-F-35 core to the RAF.   Read More >>

Hill Air Force Base Stands Up New F-35 Squadron

10/14/2017  The 4th Fighter Squadron (FS) ‘Fighting Fuujins’ and 4th Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) received a first F-35A at Hill Air Force Base, Utah at the end of September.   Read More >>

Offensive Air Support Exercise at MAWTS-1

10/14/2017  U.S. Soldiers at WTI conduct an Offensive Air Support (OAS) exercise.   Read More >>

Canada and North Atlantic Defense: The Coming of the Cyclone

10/13/2017  In addition to modernization of the Canadian variant of the P-3, Canada is adding a unique maritime helicopter to the mix, the CH-148 Cyclone.   Read More >>

From KC-10 to the KC-30A: A Strategic and Photo Update

10/13/2017  The KC-10s and KC-30As have demonstrated their significant capabilities and operational flexibilities.   Read More >>

In Brief

Preparing for Deployment in Alaska and the Testing the Norwegian Drag Chute

10/17/2017  The is coming to Norway Next Month.   Read More >>

A29 Instructor Pilot Interview

10/17/2017  Video:A29 Instructor Pilot Interview ...  

BACN in the Field

10/16/2017  Video:BACN in the Field ...  

Aurora 17 Amphibious Assault

10/16/2017  Video:Aurora 17 Amphibious Assault ...  

Terma Prepares for Full Rate F-35 Production

10/15/2017  Terma is ramping up for its role in full-rate F-35 production.   Read More >>

Exercise Aurora 2017: A Video Perspective

10/12/2017  Exercise Aurora involved air, land and sea assets, and focused on defending the Baltic Sea region together with NATO Allied and partner ...   Read More >>

HH60 Refueling During Search and Rescue Support

10/12/2017  Video:HH60 Refueling During Search and Rescue Support ...   Read More >>

USS Puller: AFSB and Alligator Dagger

10/11/2017  Slideshow:USS Puller: AFSB and Alligator Dagger ...   Read More >>

HMAS Choules Provides Humanitarian Relief

10/10/2017  Video:HMAS Choules Provides Humanitarian Relief ...  

Exercise Aurora 2017 Overview

10/10/2017  Video:Exercise Aurora 2017 Overview ...  

HMAS Adelaide in Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2017

10/09/2017  Video:HMAS Adelaide in Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2017 ...   Read More >>

Battle Group Poland

10/09/2017  Slideshow:Battle Group Poland ...  

Exercise Pandaroo 2017 

10/06/2017  Slideshow:Exercise Pandaroo 2017 ...  

The Perspective of an AV-8B Harrier II Pilot

10/05/2017  Video:The Perspective of an AV-8B Harrier II Pilot ...   Read More >>

USAF Perspective on Air Policing in the Baltics

10/04/2017  Video: USAF Perspective on Air Policing in the Baltics ...   Read More >>

Red Flag Coalition Ops Training

10/03/2017  Video:Red Flag Coalition Ops Training ...  

RADR Training

09/29/2017  Slideshow:RADR Training ...  

LCS Mission Package

09/28/2017  Video:LCS Mission Package ...  

Kadena Prepares for High Tempo Ops

09/27/2017  Video: Kadena Prepares for High Tempo Ops ...   Read More >>

Beverly High: Preparing for High Tempo Operations

09/26/2017  Video:Beverly High: Preparing for High Tempo Operations ...   Read More >>

Chief of Indian Air Force to Australia: The Visit to Amberley Airbase

09/25/2017  Air Chief Marshall Birender Singh Dhanoa recently visited the KC-30A squadron at Amberley Airbase.   Read More >>

Osprey Across the Pacific

09/25/2017  Video:Osprey Across the Pacific ...  

Beverly Pack 17-3

09/25/2017  Video:Beverly Pack 17-3 ...  

Singapore Participates in Red Flag 17-4

09/22/2017  Video:Singapore Participates in Red Flag 17-4 ...   Read More >>

RAF Lakenheath F-15s to Lithuania in Support of Baltic Air Policing 2017

09/21/2017  Video: RAF Lakenheath to Lithuania in Support of Baltic Air Policing 2017 ...   Read More >>

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Preparing for Deployment in Alaska and the Testing the Norwegian Drag Chute

10/17/2017 –  The is coming to Norway Next Month.Read More>>


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The 2017 Joint Air and Space Power Conference will be held from 10-12 October 2017 in Essen Germany.

2017 Joint Air and Space Power Conference

The next seminar in the Williams Foundation focus on the evolution and significance of electronic warfare for a 21st century integrated combat force. It will be held August 23, 2017 at the National Gallery of Australia, ACT.

A New Approach, and Attitude, to Electronic Warfare in Australia. 

Defense & Security Publications

Northern European and North Atlantic Defense: The Challenges Return

This special report looks at the evolving North Atlantic and Nordic defense situation.

Read the Report

The Future of Electronic Warfare

This special report looks at the future of electronic warfare from the perspective of the participants in a Williams Foundation seminar on the subject.

Read the Report

Shaping 21st Century Norwegian Defense

This special report examines the Norwegian approach towards shaping a national defense policy.

Read the Flipbook Version<<

The Maritime Services, the Allies and Shaping the Kill Web

The report highlights the transformation approach being crafted to build, deploy and develop an integrated 21st century combat force able to operate as a kill web.

Read the Report

Squadron Fighter Pilots: The Unstoppable Force of Innovation for 5th Generation Enabled Concepts of Operations

To understand the intangible of pilot performance and the future combat success of the F-35, Lightning II, one just has to listen to what the military pilots who actually are fly the aircraft are saying, all other critics are second order.

Read the Article<<

Rethinking China Policy

This special report examines the strategic opportunity for the Trump Administration.

Read the Flipbook Version<<

Integrated Air and Missile Defence Study: The Challenge of Integrated Force Design

This Williams Foundation Report examines IAMD as a case study of how one might design an integrated force by design rather than doing so post-acquisition of platforms.

Read the Study

Designing the Integrated Force: How to Define and Meet the Challenge?

In this report, the major presentations and discussions at the Williams Foundation seminar on integrated force design held on April 11, 2017 in Canberra, Australia are highlighted along with interviews conducted before, during and after the seminar as well.

Read the Report

Levearge and Learning from Allied Forces 

By leveraging extant allied programs and capabilities which if adopted by the US forces would save money but even more importantly ramp up the operational capability of the US forces and their ability to work with allies in the shortest time possible.

Read the Report

The Integration of the F-35B into USMC Operations

This special report provides an update on the introduction and integration of the F-35B into evolving USMC operations.

Read the Flipbook Version<<

Norway Shaping Its 21st Century Defence

This article published in Front Line Defence, Vol. 14, No 2., 2017 looks at Norway’s approach to shaping a 21st Century defense structure.

Read the Article

The USS America and Innovation

In this article from Front Line Defence (August 2014), a look at the clusters of innovations associated with the USS America is provided.

Read the Article<<

Royal Australian Air Force Transformation, October 2015

Our partner Front Line Defence has provided an update on the KC-30A and its role in the RAAF transformation strategy.

Read the Article<<

Visiting RAF Lossiemouth: The RAF Shapes a Way Ahead

The RAF is in transition and RAF Lossiemouth is a key base where it is taking place.

Read the Flipbook Version<<

Extending the Reach of Airpower

In this article from Front Line Defence (August 2014), an update on the A330MRTT global fleet is provided.

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The F-35 and Transformation of the Power Projection Forces

We have just published a Special Report based on US and allied interviews on this important subject.

Read the Flipbook Version<<

New Approaches to Air-Sea Integration

The Williams Foundation sponsored a seminar with regard to the way ahead on force integration.

Read the Flipbook Version<<

Distributed Laydown: Shaping the U.S. Marine Corps’s Future in the Pacific

In this e-book, the article on the USMC in the Pacific published by Leatherneck Magazine in August 2014 is now available as an E-Book. The article is based on interviews conducted in the Pacific in the Spring of 2014

Read the E-Book<<

The Future of Naval Aviation An E-Book

In this e-book, our recent Special Report on The Future of Naval Aviation can be viewed.

The report is based on exclusive interviews with the USN Aviation community, notably at the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center

Read the E-Book<<


The Way Ahead: Opening the Mission Sets

In this article published by our partner Front Line Defence, the perspective of Admiral Gortney, then Commander of NORTHCOM and NORAD, is provided on the challenges facing North American Defense.

Read the Article<<

Australia’s New Class of Conventional Submarines

In a piece published in the fourth issue of 2016 by Front Line Defence, the building of a new class of conventional submarines in Australia is discussed.

Read the Article<<

European Defense, the Arctic and the Future

In this e-book, our recent Special Report highlighting Danish perspectives on the Northern European security situation is now available as an E-Book. The report is based on exclusive interviews with Danish experts conducted in Copenhagen in May 2014.

Read the E-Book<<

Shaping a 21st Century Approach to Tron Warfare An E-Book

In this e-book, Ed Timperlake focuses on the emergence of Tron Warfare.

The report is based on several years of interviews and work in the military aviation community and with many of the pilots and operators of the F-35.

Read the E-Book<<


Western Sahara and European Security

This report by the French Mediterranean Sub-Group looks at ways to bring about a settlement of the Polisario-Moroccan issue.

The urgency of the states bordering the huge Sahara region to reinforce stability in the region has been heightened by events in the Middle East, along with the Libyan decay and the emergence of ISIS.

Read the Report<<

Airpower and the Hybrid Threat, December 2015

Our partner Front Line Defence has provided a look at 5th generation enabled combat ops and the hybrid threat.

Read the Article<<

CH-53s: Shifting Generation

In this article published in the leading French defense magazine OPERATIONNELS SLDS, Spring/Summer 2016, the nature of the next generation CH-53 and its role is explained based on interviews with the USMC.

Read the Article<<

Australia Crafts Its Own Anti-Access, Area Denial Strategy

The Australian military is shaping a transformed military force, one built around new platforms but ones that operate in a joint manner in an extended battlespace. as seen in this August 19, 2016  Breaking Defense article.

Read the Article<<

The F-35 and 21st Century Defence: Shaping a Way Ahead

We have just published a book on Amazon in Kindle format focusing the arrival of the F-35 and its interactive role reshaping the defense forces of the democracies.

Buy the Book<<

The Key Role of Exercises and Training Ranges

In this flipbook, a recent article in Front Line Defence looks at the key role of exercises and training in shaping 21st century defense capabilities.

Read the Flip Book<<


Australian Defense Modernization: An E-Book

In this e-book, our recent Special Report on Australian Defense Modernization can be viewed.

The report is based on exclusive interviews with the Australian defense forces.

Read the E-Book<<


Insertion Forces

In this article from Front Line Defence (Issue 5, 2014), the shaping of forces appropriate to dealing with ongoing onslaught of “strategic surprises” is examined.

Read the Article<<

RAAF Goes to Iraq: Transformation and Engagement

In this article published by Front Line Defence, the transformation of the RAAF evident in the way they have deployed to and operated in Iraq is the focus of attention.

Read the Article<<

An Update on the KC-30A from Edwards AFB: Clearing the Way for Expanded Operations

In an interview conducted at Edwards AFB with the Aussie tanker team, plus an update from Spain, we are providing an update on the Aussies as they move to Tanker 2.0

Read the Article<<

Filling the Gap: SPMAGTF-CR

In this piece, written by Murielle Delaporte, and first published in Leatherneck Magazine in April 2014, the role of Special Purpose MAGTFs is discussed.

Delaporte visited the SP-MAGTF in Spain and talked with the Marines just prior to their mission to South Sudan.

Read the Flipbook<<


France, India and 21st Century Strategic Challenges, April 2015

Our partner India Strategic published a piece on the buy of the Rafale and its strategic context.

Read the Article<<

New Approaches to Air-Land Integration: A Williams Foundation Seminar on 5th Generation Enabled Combat Operations

The seminar held on March 17, 2016 in Canberra, Australia, focused on new approaches to air-land integration.

Read the Report<<

The Challenge of Dealing with PTSD

Captain Joe Schweitzer was a member of the crew that was responsible for the accidental deaths of 20 Europeans in a tragic cable car accident.

In this piece by Captain Schweitzer, he recounts his struggles to remake his life in the wake of the tragedy and provides a powerful narrative on PTSD.

Download Article Here<<

The F-35 Program from the Italian Perspective

Recently, the Rome based think tank, Centro Studi Internazionali, published their look at the F-35 program, its impact on Italian defense and the role of Italy within the global enterprise.

Read the Report<<

Norway, Security and the High North

In a piece published in the second issue of 2016 by Front Line Defence, the significance and challenge for modern fleet logistics is the focus of attention.

Read the Article<<

In the July 2012 issue of Joint Force’s Quarterly (the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff journal), SLD’s Robbin Laird and Ed Timperlake provided an overview of the impact of the F-35 on the future of power projection.

The F-35 is called a joint strike fighter (JSF), and its ability to work with, leverage, and enhance the capability of power projection forces is at the heart of the next 20 years of rebuilding U.S. and allied forces.

Download the PDF version of the full publication here>>

Forging a 21st Century Military Strategy: Leveraging Challenges

This article published in Joint Force Quarterly in January 2014 provides a look at key challenges which will drive the shaping of a 21st century military strategy.

Read the Flipbook<<

The Renorming of Airpower:The F-35 Arrives Into the Combat Force

The F-35 is not a future program; it is here now.

Read the Flipbook<<

Lessons Learned at Pax River: The Coming of the F-35 Fleet

Squadron Pilots in Marines, USAF and Navy, and in partner Air Forces will be backed up by the best test community at Edwards and Pax

Read the Flipbook<<

In this paper by Michael Skaff, the principal engineer of the F-35 pilot interface, and a pilot and then engineer involved with the F-16, the author focuses on the emergence of advanced sensor fusion in 5th generation aircraft and its impact.

The Impact of Advanced Sensor Fusion in 5th Generation Fighters on Combat Capability


Reach and Punch: The Sea Services Prepare to Prevail in the Extended Battlespace

The sea services are changing their concepts of operations and leveraging new technology to fight more effectively in the extended battlespace as seen in this December 20, 2015 Breaking Defense interview with Rear Admiral Manazir

Read the Article<<

Building the Arctic Grid

This article looks at the challenge of building out an Arctic Grid in Canada and the possible contribution of the F-35 to the effort.

Download the PDF >>

Challenges for the Military Sealift Command: The Distributed Fleet

In a piece published on February 18, 2015, Breaking Defense looks at why strengthening the U.S. merchant marine is a key strategic imperative.

Read the Article<<

The synergy among 5th generation aircraft, weapons and robotics will create a new weapons enterprise.

Legacy weapons are simply that.

This report identifies key aspects of the 21st century weapons enterprise.

Download the PDF version of the Report>>


Higher Tempo Ops in Contested Airspace

The challenge for Western forces to operate in higher tempo ops was the focus of attention at the Trilateral Exercise in December 2015 at Langley AFB with the Brits and the French.

Read the Article<<

First published in 2010, this book examines a number of key aspects of the impact of fifth generation aircraft on the evolution of airpower.

It includes, a number of key interviews with airpower leaders like General Corley, Secretary Wynne, Lt. General (retired) Trautman, former Deputy Commandant of USMC Aviation, and Lt. General (Retired) Deptula and now Dean of the Mitchell Airpower Institute.

Read the Flipbook<<


"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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