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The Focus of Second Line of Defense

This web site focuses on the creation and sustainment of military and security capability.

While much of the political debate focuses largely on platforms, and the political impact of operations, what is often lost are the nuts and bolts of creating, sustaining the right military capability and deliver it at the right time to the warfighter.

Second Line of Defense (SLD) not only refers to the crucial role of the support community in a broad sense (military logistics community; industrial players; civilian contractors; etc) in doing so, but also to evolving public-private partnerships among democracies in crafting real military strength.

SLDinfo.com examines key elements of such capability by providing information and analytical tools concerning manufacturing capability to build and sustain military forces, logistics and sustainment evolution, key approaches to linking the warfighters and their equipment through concepts of operations and systems of connectivity, including the challenge of securing those networks, as well as policy dilemmas affecting the latter.

The website provides regular interviews with the military, industrial and civilian professionals.  These interviews provide insights into their thinking, experience and thoughts about the way ahead.

Sldinfo.com has an international focus. The site offers regular contributions from senior defense analysts, in addition to information provided by the SLDinfo staff under the form of newsbriefs, articles and special reports, as well as commented videos and briefings.

The White Paper series offers an opportunity for the defense industrial community to provide thought leaderships as well.


On the Second Line of Defense Forum, we provide a sustained look at a core question facing the strategic community for each forum.  The current focus is upon the Second Nuclear Age.


We also publish periodically special reports on key developments or strategic challenges.


In addition, we provide various publications for sale on the website.


And we have a flagship publication in French on defense and logistics operational issues



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"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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