Among those who are providing regular contributions are:


  • William C. (Bill) Anderson, former assistant Secretary of the Air Force, on defense industrial issues, with an initial emphasis on supply chain issues
  • Lieutenant General Deptula, former deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (till October 2010). He was the principle attack planner for the 1991 Desert Storm air campaign and the director of the Combined Air Operations Center for Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001
  • Admiral (retired) Ed Gilbert, Gilbert Associates, on US Coast Guard and homeland security issues
  • Dr. Harald Malmgren, Malmgren Global, LLC, noted strategist and economist, on the interaction and impact of global macro economic developments on defense and foreign policy
  • Richard McCormack of Manufacturing News on defense industrial and manufacturing issues
  • Dr. Scott Truver, noted maritime analyst on maritime issues
  • Dr. Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis at the Hudson Institute
  • Michael W. Wynne, former Secretary of the Air Force, on cyber war, air power, energy, and defense budgeting
  • Todd Miller, Aviation photographer and analyst.


  • Dr. Kenneth Maxwell, Harvard University (Retired), expert on Brazil, Portugal and European and Latin American Affairs;
  • Dr. Alain Dupas, noted French analyst and author of space and technology issues, on global space issues as well as a regular contribution on rethinking strategy (France);
  • Lieutenant-General Jean Patrick Gaviard is the former French Air Defence and Air Operations Commander, he is now a consultant with French think tanks and since November 2008 a “senior concept developer” with Nato/Sact, Norfolk (USA).
  • Hans Tino Hansen, founder and CEO of Copenhagen-based Risk Intelligence will provide regular assessments of how to cope with and manage maritime security risks (Denmark) ;
  • DK Matai, founder Mi2g (UK);
  • Thierry Malleret, French financial analyst (Switzerland)
  • Admiral (retired) Pierre Sabatie-Garat on European security and defense issues (France);
  • Francis Tusa of London-based Defense Analysis on European and American military developments (UK);
  • Air Vice Marshal (Retired) John Blackburn, RAAF, Williams Foundation, military and strategic affairs analyst.

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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