The Next Phase of Global Dynamics: Shaping a New Strategic Map

Security threats have unleashed national reactions with various nations seeking to rebalance their position in the global order, and seeking to work with clusters of either like minded states, or with states capable of providing key needs.

Even if explicit national recognition of globalization as a positive focus of inter-state agreements goes down, globalization will certainly continue at the sub-national level, notably with regard to cyber threats, drug trafficking, and movement of migrants.

The Last Tornado Student

In this article by the last RAF Tornado student pilot, Flight Lt. Nathan Shawyer looks back on the Tornado and its impact on him and its important impact on the RAF.


The F-35 Pacific Forum: Shaping A Coalition Approach Towards 21st Century Defense

The first F-35 symposium of operators has been held in Hawaii.

Getting on With Building a 21st Century U.S. Power Projection Force: No Time to Lose

American airpower faces a challenging environment and we need with building appropriate capabilities,

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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