F-35B Gun Pod in Flight

The F-35 has added a gun to its CAS role.

Trump, NATO and Shaping a Way Ahead

Putting aside President Trump, fundamental changes are afoot which are dramatically changing the context facing NATO and altering forever how key European nations will deal or not with their defense.

It is time to get past the Trump news focus and worrying about his body language and get real about the fundamental challenges facing Europe where Trump may seem an irritant but not a cause.

The TrumpQuake at NATO

President Trump could have affirmed his support for Article 5 and then publically invoked Article 3 in front of his NATO peers and pointed out that their failure to provide for their own self-defense is a necessary pre-condition for seeking aid under Article 5.

Or should the United States look for more credible bilateral relationships within Europe as Brexit may presage?

15th MEU Prepares for Deployment

The 15th MEU will be the first operational MEU deployed on the USS America.

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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