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The USS Wasp Comes to Japan: “Amphibiosity” Gets a Makeover

The amphibious task force empowered by Ospreys and F-35s, and other key assets coming to the fleet provide an evolved tool set to operate in changing combat conditions and threats.

There is always the reactive enemy; then there is the innovation which the United States and its allies can deliver as well to affect an adversary's calculus.

The USS Wasp and its crew along with any embarked Marine Expeditionary Unit is a key part of the innovation which the United States is bringing to the defense of the democratic world.


Fifth Generation Air C2 and ISR

RAAF and RNLAF will have to look critically at how we operate, and probably apply new concepts.

Both Forces have a vested interest in understanding how current and planned Air C2 and ISR systems and concepts support exploiting the RAAF and RNLAF combat potential to the max.

They furthermore share the interest in evolving Air C2 and ISR to suit F-35 employment in a future, 5th Generation Air Force.


21st Century Military Power: Changing the Hard and Soft Power Calculus

To be blunt, the distinction which Joe Nye suggested between hard and soft power is being changed by the military revolution.

21st Century military systems are really about hard power redesigned to be more useful in supporting political objectives, which if one wants to call that soft power then I am not sure the distinction has meaning.

Sea Ceptor Test Firings Completed: A 21st Century Air Defense Capability at Sea

The Sea Ceptor brings a new capability to the Royal Navy.

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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