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The Norwegian Navy and Shaping Air-Sea Integration for Norwegian Defense

The head of the Norwegian Navy highlighted the importance of the new air platforms, and the new submarines and the need to effectively integrate the data provided by those platforms as well as crafting and evolving the C2 necessary to leverage an integrated air-sea force.


F-22 at Red Flag 2017-1

Video:F-22 at Red Flag 2017-1

The Norwegian Airpower Conference, 2017: Shaping a Way Ahead for Norwegian and Northern Tier Defense

What one saw with the Norwegian presentations and discussions was a clear focus on shaping a new approach to national defense.

Why Not Buy Wedgetail and Move Out Beyond AWACS: Coming Terms with a 5th Generation Enabled Force

Instead of slow rolling an upgrade of AWACS, it is time to leap ahead and move beyond the 360 degree radar dome technology and embrace a very different concept of air battle management, one good for today and one very integratable into the tron warfare and distributed operations of the future.


"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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