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15th MEU Prepares for Deployment

The 15th MEU will be the first operational MEU deployed on the USS America.

The Evolution of the Marine Corps Expeditionary Force: Leveraging Unmanned Systems

The Marines are returning to the sea from the land wars of the past decade and are doing so within the context of a rapidly changing amphibious task force.

An important element of the air element for the evolving amphibious task force are unmanned systems.

The Scan Eagle and the Blackjack are the core systems part of this transition.

Allies and 21st Century Weapons Systems: The Case of the Coming of the F-35 To Europe

Allied collaboration in this decade is built in part around operating the same aircraft -- the F-35 being a case in point.

The RAF and the Weapons Revolution: Shaping an Integrated 21st Century Air Combat Force

The RAF leverages the weapons revolution to transition from Tornado to Typhoon and from Typhoon to an F-35 enabled air combat force.

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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