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The 15th MEU & America ARG Take Next Steps in Deployment Preparation

Todd Miller revisits the 15th MEU to look at its latest workup for deployment.

Transitioning to the F-35: The Aussies and the F-35 Global Enterprise

Because the F-35 is being stood up at the same time in many allied countries as in the United States cross learning is built into the standup and initial operating experiences.

Put bluntly, cross learning with regard to next generation high intensity operations is built in, whereby the U.S. will learn as much from allies as the other way around.


The Challenge of Designing an Integrated 21st Century Combat Force: Air Vice-Marshal John Blackburn (Retired) Looks at the Way Ahead

John Blackburn discusses the way ahead for designing an integrated force rather than doing after platform acquisition connectivity and calling that joint.

Preparing for the Operation of the Lightning Force: Infrastructure, Operations and the Way Ahead at RAF Marham

The rebuild at Marham is at the heart of the modernization or indeed transformation of UK forces.

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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