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The Combat Effect of the Super Tucano: A Tortured Acquisition Saga Gone Good

Why did the acquisition of the Super Tucano take so long when it was very clear that this was the right course?

Fifth Generation Air C2 and ISR

RAAF and RNLAF will have to look critically at how we operate, and apply new concepts.

The USS Wasp Comes to Japan: “Amphibiosity” Gets a Makeover

The USS Wasp and its crew along with any embarked Marine Expeditionary Unit is a key part of the next cycle of American combat innovation.

21st Century Military Power: Changing the Hard and Soft Power Calculus

To be blunt, the distinction which Joe Nye suggested between hard and soft power is being changed by the military revolution.

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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