F-35 Global News

USAFE Prepares for US Deployment of F-35s in Europe: Working With Allies Who are Leading the Way

Key allies are standing up F-35 squadrons at home prior to the USAF showing up with their own F-35 squadrons..

In recognition of this, a recent USAFE forum was held to share experiences in the standing up of the F-35 global enterprise in Europe. .

USAF and USMC Combine F-35 Capabilities at Red Flag 17-3

As the F-35 mission continues to grow, so will the operators, maintainers and the system as a whole.

F-35A at the Paris Air Show, 2017

The F-35A was a major highlight of the Paris Air Show, 2017.

The USAF Explains the Way Ahead Leveraging the F-35

In this video the USAF provides a perspective on the impact of the F-35 on what we have called the renorming of airpower.

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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