Policy Dynamics

Trump, NATO and Shaping a Way Ahead

Putting aside President Trump, fundamental changes are afoot which are dramatically changing the context facing NATO and altering forever how key European nations will deal or not with their defense.

It is time to get past the Trump news focus and worrying about his body language and get real about the fundamental challenges facing Europe where Trump may seem an irritant but not a cause.

Russian-U.S. Relations: Opportunities and Obstacles for Trump and Putin

Back from a recent visit to Russia, Richard Weitz looks at the evolving US-Russian relationship.

The Brazilian Political Crisis Deepens: The Centipede’s Shoes are Dropping Globally

In a highly globally interactive world, crises in one part not only have an impact elsewhere, but can have an unanticipated set of impacts.

This is clearly the case of Brazil and its deepening political crises, which given the importance of the Brazilian economy and global ties, will have accelerating impacts worldwide.


North Korea, Trump and NATO: A Significant Challenge to the Western Alliance

North Korea and the Second Nuclear Age are key elements necessary to reshape NATO's approach.

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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