Shaping a 21st Century Defense Strategy: The Norwegian Way Ahead

Norway is enhancing its core defense capabilities for national and coalition purposes.

Prime Minister Abe Works Asian Security: Laying a Foundation for Navigating the Future

Prime Minister Abe visited Donald Trump shortly after his electoral victory.

But he is not sitting on his hands waiting for the Trump Administration.

He is actively working to strengthen relationships in the region in and of themselves, but also to strengthen his hand with Washington and to prepare the ground for evolving relationships with China as well.

Coming to Grips With a Strategic Shift: From Non-Proliferation to Strategic Deterrence in the Second Nuclear Age

The second nuclear age calls for a fresh look at the structures, dynamics, and processes of a world order that many did not want to see come about.

UK Shapes Regional Defense Hubs as Part of Global Engagement Strategy

The UK Minister of Defence highlights the key role for Britain of the expansion of the Ministry of Defence’s overseas network.

Obviously, fighter deployments supported by global sustainment capabilities (Voyagers, C-17s and A400Ms) are key tools in this effort.

And the new Queen Elizabeth-class carriers are viewed as key elements for supporting and integrating with regional hubs as well.



"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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