Elephant Walk Exercise

01/23/2012: An ‘Elephant Walk’ is a fundamental training element when preparing for Global Strike Missions. In all, the exercise involved 12 KC-10s as part of a global-strike package designed to demonstrate the capability of the Air Force to assemble a large refueling force.

This was the first ‘Elephant Walk’ in nearly five years, with the 305th Air Mobility Wing launching all 12 KC-10 Extenders on the ramp, one right after the other, in a 30-minute time period. Members of the 32nd and 2nd Air Refueling Squadrons, as well as members from the 514th Air Mobility Wing, participated in the Employment Defense and Global Engagement exercise

Credit: Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst: 12/20/2011

  • In the first and second photos, eight KC-10 Extenders taxi out to the runway Dec. 20 here in preparation for the ‘Elephant Walk’ exercise.
  • In the third photo, three sets of two KC-10 Extenders perform aerial refueling simultaneously during the exercise.
  • In the fourth and fifth photos, a KC-10 Extender lowers its refueling boom to another KC-10 to simulate the transfer of fuel during the exercise. The exercise included mass simultaneous aerial refueling of four KC-10s by four other KC-10s.

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