2012 F-35 Consortium Media Kit


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There is no other readily accessible website which brings together news and information about the industrial participants in the global F-35 program. Here we will highlight their core contributions to building and sustaining this global 21st century weapons system and program.

The partnership approach to the F-35 highlights the importance of suppliers not only in building the aircraft but maintaining a global fleet of aircraft. Through SLD's unique marketing platform, F-35 Consortium contributions will be highlighted on The F-35 Consortium page.

The F-35 Consortium Opportunity Plus

Consortium members are provided a significant presence and unique opportunity to present their contribution to the F-35 program. Feature your innovative technologies or services as part of this unequaled global partnership program. Gain exceptional visibility to top government, private industry and military influencers as the program unfolds and expands globally.

Consortium members are featured on The F-35 Consortium home page through a number of visually striking formats. Choose from three high visibility offers below to be featured with your allies – the world’s leading Defense and Security focused companies, all at a very reasonable investment.

And in discussion with our representative, unique and specific contributions can be shaped and agreed upon. A package can be negotiated which will build from presence on the Consortium home page. Feel free to Contact our SLD representative to discuss unique and specific contributions and to shape a customized package to make the most of your Consortium presence.

Join The F-35 Consortium

Media Kit – Opportunities & Rates (12-month duration for all offers)

OFFER #1: Your Logo & hyperlink to your company website in Supplier Page of F-35 Consortium $1000

OFFER #2: Your Logo & hyperlink to your company website in Supplier Page of F-35 Consortium & Article in F-35 Consortium News Section $3000

OFFER #3: Your own Multi-media Page in F-35 Consortium Rotator. Includes: Your Logo & hyperlink to your company website $5000

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In addition to being located in the featured central location on the Consortium home page, additional opportunities are available as part of a tailored package. These opportunities include but are not limited to White Papers on the SLD home page, a logo on the SLD home page with a link to your company’s main website, regular placement on the F-35 Consortium news featured on the Consortium home page, and inclusion in a special Paris Air Show special distribution planned for June 2013.

Second Line of Defense and SLDinfo.com

F-35 News

Second Line of Defense and SLDinfo.com

SLDinfo.com, and online news platform developed by Second Line of Defense, is blazing new trails by providing the most current defense-related content leveraging all new media formats. SLDinfo captures the high level integrity of traditional journalism with an added focus on the leading global defense and security developers making news. SLDinfo.com draws over 15,000 visitors averaging 50,000+ page views per month. F-35 Consortium members will also be promoted through "SLD Update", a weekly email newsletter to all SLD subscribers.

Second Line of Defense is noted for its timely analysis of key U.S and global defense & security issues. The SLD team writes on the entire gamut of issues, but puts its core emphasis upon building, operating and sustaining core military and security capabilities.

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Second Line of Defense and SLDinfo.com

Multi-media Technical White Papers

SLDinfo.com, a strategic marketing platform for defense and security developers

No other high integrity news vehicle offers a platform broad enough for visitors to gain virtually real-time information, while partner/sponsors are linked to the innovative technologies that are contributing to the news around the world.

SLDinfo.com offers The F-35 Consortium additional marketing opportunities, such as our multi-media Technical White Paper Program. This program allows developers and manufacturers of leading technologies the ability to expand on the innovative qualities associated with their solutions. In addition to far more expansive page space for written content and photos, company information, contact information and links to your site, SLDinfo's White Paper Program supports PDF flip books, rich video and collaborative development of the content to fully leverage the platform.

That's right! An SLD team member will work with you and your business or marketing department to create the most comprehensive presentation possible. All multi-media White Papers are linked from the SLDinfo.com home page in a clever, 3-category, animated index. So your solution can be found and reviewed easily.

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—General George Patton Jr.

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