The F-35 Consortium

The F-35 is a unique military aircraft
manufacturing and sustainment
program. With the three major
U.S. military services and
several U.S. allies buying this
"flying combat system,” the
suppliers to the program
represent many of the
most advanced military
aircraft developers,
suppliers and sustainers
in the world. The F-35
Consortium will
provide information
about the major
contributors and their
roles in the program.

The F-35 global production and sustainment program is shaping the
21st century norm for industrial collaboration and commitment.

F-35 Consortium

F-35 Suppliers

Lockheed Martin is developing the F-35 with its principal industrial partners, Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems. The Pratt & Whitney F135 engine powers the F-35.

More than 900 additional companies in the U.S. alone are F-35 suppliers.

Some of the many key global aerospace companies involved in the program are:

Tyco Electronics
Ultra Electronics
Sirpa Panel, SpA
Sargent Controls and Aerospace
Rockwell Collins
Pall Aeropower Corporation
Pacific Scientific
Marvin Engineering
Marotta Controls
L-3 Communications
Klune Industries
ITT Aerospace Controls
Honeywell International
Hamilton Sundstrand

Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems
Goodrich Landing Gear
Goodrich Actuation Systems
GE Aviation
Fokker Elmo
Fokker Aerostructures
FMH Corporation
Essex Industries, Inc.
EDO MBM Technologies
Eaton, Curtiss Wright, Cubic, Ball Aerospace
Boeing (JDAM)
Raytheon (various missiles)
MBDA (Storm Shadow)
Arrowhead Products
Amherst NGC
Ametek Rotron, Inc.
Alenia Aeronautica

F-35 Prime Contractor

Lockheed Martin

F-35 Industrial News

"A truly international project, the F-35 program draws on the expertise from nine countries, plus more than 1,300 suppliers to date.

The global partnerships of the F-35 program make manufacturing more efficient and help strengthen alliances among nations.

Wing production has begun in Italy, Turkey has delivered components for the center fuselage and Norway, the Netherlands and Denmark have delivered control surfaces and edges. On-site support will manage delivery schedules and ensure efficient transfer of approved technologies to industrial participation countries.

Aircraft will remain mission-ready around the world through efficient distribution and warehousing provided by partner suppliers. Support centers, organized at the depot, regional and international levels, will ensure a global supply chain management system that provides quick access to F-35 parts, systems and expertise.

F-35 Consortium

The Global Reach

The F-35 is building a 21st century fighter from the ground up. Sustainability is a key element of the program, which is based on a global supply chain. By building a global fleet of F-35s, the U.S. and its allies will be able to operate globally in a very different way. With a global supply chain, parts and availability are enhanced, and support diversified.

The global supply chain is a key element of both how to manufacture the aircraft and how to supply the aircraft as operations rolls out. In modern manufacturing, sustainability is a core element of shaping the capability of a modern combat aircraft.

Briefing slides and simulations are not the same thing as a finished good of high quality and of high reliability. Here you need a trained workforce, good engineering practices and an ability to deliver a product of high quality and standards. It is challenging to build new systems and not every manufacturer is created equal.

A core element of today’s manufacturing systems is the challenge of managing extended supply chains. And these supply chains are subject to disruptions and the need to manage those disruptions.

The F-35 with its integrated global supply chain is built on a solid foundation to go forward to support 21st century operations.

These slides describe as of June 2012, the current suppliers in the F-35 program. Both within the U.S. and the partner countries, the companies participating in the program are key players in shaping 21st century defense systems and capabilities.

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F-35 Consortium News

The Danish Parliament And the New Fighter: Moving Forward

The Danish Parliamentary Defence Committee held hearings this week on the new fighter decision.

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Visiting Jacksonville Naval Air Station: The “Family of Systems” and Naval Air Transformation

At Jacksonville Naval Air Station the P-8 and Triton community is shaping a common culture guiding the transformation of the ASW and ISR side of Naval Air.

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Vietnam Offers US Modest Arms Sales, But Major Strategic Opportunities

Normalization of relations with Vietnam and the United States continue.

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Italians Continue Their Flight Path Across the Atlantic: 2nd and 3rd Italian Built F-35s Arrive at Luke AFB

The Italians were first across the Atlantic with an F-35 in February.

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Continued Progress on Missile Defense

Aegis Baseline 9.C1 (BMD 5.0 Capability Upgrade) tested against medium range ballistic missile.

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Exercise Southern Jackaroo

Video:Exercise Southern Jackaroo

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The Venom in an Aerial Gunnery Refinement Exercise

Video:The Venom in an Aerial Gunnery Refinement Exercise

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RAF Typhoons Scramble Against Incoming Russian Aircraft

RAF Typhoons are participating in the current NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission.

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Reshaping Operational and Training Approaches: Airpower Led Combat Innovation

A look at some of the rethinking about air operations and training induced or enhanced by the coming of the F-35.

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RAF's Airbus Tanker at Pax River: Working with the F-35B

Two 21st century air systems which are being operated by a multinational coalition allies are working together at Pax River for tanking certification.

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Visiting the Pax River F-35 Integrated Task Force: Todd Miller Provides an Update

If the critics were as self-aware as the F-35, reporting would be significantly more balanced.

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Leveraging the RAF Marham and RAF Lakenheath Strategic Opportunity: The USAF and the RAF Shape 21st Operational Capabilities

With the RAF and the USAF setting up F-35 squadrons at two nearby RAF bases, there is a clear opportunity to shape a common sustainment solution.

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