Four New Afghan Air Force Mi-17s Arrive in Kabul

01/19/2011 – Afghan Air Force receives four new Mi-17 helicopters at the Afghan Air Force Base in Kabul, Afghanistan. The new choppers bring the total size of the Mi-17 fleet to 35.

Credit: 138th Air Expeditionary Wing ,12/10/10

And according to Aviation Week and Space Technology: story from August 30, 2010:

The No. 1 procurement priority identified by U.S. officials to complete their mission to equip and train the Afghanistan security forces is the acquisition of dozens of additional Mi-17 helicopters.

The single-rotor Mi-17s are ideal for the quasi-military security needs in Afghanistan. The Russian multirole helicopter is often configured for military, police and civilian uses. It has a large sliding door and can carry a relatively large amount of cargo and dozens of passengers, troops or wounded people. It can also be outfitted with rescue hoist.

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