Grizzly 2 Tests

05/29/2012: During our time at Trade Media 2012 in Toulouse on May 22, the participants saw Grizzly 2 take off from Toulouse. The plane was headed off to do tests for rough field landings.

The first 4 pictures show the take off of Grizzly 2 on May 22; and the final photo shows the plane engaged in the rough field landing tests.

The photo credit for photos 1-4 is Second Line of Defense.  Photo 5 is from Airbus Military.

According to an Airbus Military press release:The Airbus Military A400M has completed its first set of unpaved runway tests at Cottbus-Drewitz airfield in Germany.
Grizzly 2 performed a series of ground runs on the grass surface including maximum-braked rejected take-offs.
Analysis of the data and examination of the runway are now underway and the aircraft will return in due course for further trials.May 28, 2012

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