Slideshow: Osprey Operations In Afghanistan

Credit: USMC, March 2010

This week’s photo section highlights a slide show of recent photos on the Osprey in Afghan operations.

  • The first photo shows the start of the day of an Osprey operation.
  • The second photo shows the Osprey team getting ready for tasking.
  • The third photo shows the Osprey in support of a Forward Operating Base (FOB).
  • The fourth photo shows a full cabin in support of an operation.
  • The fifth and sixth photos show an Osprey engaged in a night operation.
  • The seventh and eighth photos show the Osprey landing after an operation.
  • The ninth photo shows the nacelle having a long day.
  • The tenth photo shows a refueling operation.
  • The eleventh photo shows a maintenance facility for the deployed Osprey.
  • The final photo is a Spring view of the Helmland River Valley as seen from the Osprey.

***Posted March 29th, 2010

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