Shape your Defense & Security strategy through ICSA Advisory Services

International Communications and Strategic Assessments, LLC (ICSA)
is a team of senior advisors dedicated to the advancement of industry and government stakeholders on their global military and security initiatives for the United States and its core allies.

The ICSA, LLC team has significant experience in effective defense and security solutions development and positioning worldwide. Our recognized industry thought leaders have worked extensively in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

Through significant program experience, countless interviews with key industry, military and government leaders; and deep experience in political, security and economic forces, ICSA advisors represent a distinct competitive advantage for achieving success in the coming decade.

Why ICSA and Why Now?

ICSA advisors help industry innovators and government stakeholders navigate a new global landscape

The re-thinking of assumptions concerning defense and security programs and the knowledge to foresee global demand drivers is central to our service methodology and your success.

It is clear that in today’s political and economic environments, there will be less traditional big program starts and more reliance upon adaptive strategies, focused innovation and collaborative communications between all stakeholders. Couple this new reality with an increasingly interactive world through advances in communications technologies and the global impacts of disruptive events can materialize faster and with greater intensity than anything experienced even a decade ago.

To convert these evolving defense and security challenges into opportunities, a heightened awareness of what’s probable; interactive strategic planning, and a new level of operational agility will be required to shape and align your solutions to this new and dynamic landscape.

ICSA recognizes your challenges. We have created a responsive and cost effective solution that delivers the talent, knowledge and processes to help you succeed.

What We Offer

Proactive Analytical and Communications Support

The ICSA team believes that strategy in the 21st century is based on successful communication and interaction among all stakeholders to effectively position and market innovative products and services in development. Our core advisory team is assembled to fit your specific need on a local, regional or global stage.

ICSA, LLC offers three core solution sets to our customers

  1. Market Shaping. We help our customers form proactive solutions for the local, regional or global market. Simply creating a better mousetrap is not enough. Shaping the environment in which to market new products, services and support has become a crucial success factor.
  2. Solution Optimization. Our international team of experts on logistics and sustainment can work with your team to develop better solutions or multiple options for mission success. Benefit from our experience and insights.
  3. Knowledge Transfer. ICSA provides strategic seminars to our clients. In a period of significant global change, understanding where the opportunities and challenges lie and how to navigate them is central. Our team has a long track record of helping clients navigate the future. Our approach can be brought to your team in a seminar format to advance your strategic thinking and planning.


ICSA, LLC, Box 6877, Arlington, VA 22206

Take The Next Step

Optimize your defense and security solution opportunity

Through a specialized team tailored to your specific needs, our senior advisors will work with you to shape your customized solution. Speak with an ICSA team member and gain the insights needed to achieve success. Please call: 703-820-1669 or write to Dr. Robbin Laird at

For our White Paper on the Changing Defense and Security Market and its requirements for success, please write to

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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