Issues & Trends

Issues & Trends” contributes on a module-by-module basis to building up the information available to journalists, opinion makers, decision makers and the public to understand the nature of the developments, which industry and the military are shaping for future military capability.  The goal of this section, and this site in general, is to provide traceable information on basic weapon systems and operations, which underscore on factual basis developments of note in the public-private sector relationship shaping 21st century military capabilities. 

Developments on both sides of the Atlantic are to be highlighted, as well as occasional pieces on developments beyond the Euro-Atlantic region.  In addition to coverage linked to the two professional logistics and sustainment journals (MLI and SLD),  the entire gamut of contributes of industry as the “Second Line of Defense” to military operations is to be explored. 

Five separate sections address :

  • Manufacturability: the impact of manufacturing in shaping capabilities for 21st century forces
  • Logs & Sustainment: the evolution of logistics concepts and operations in light of military “lessons learned”
  • Con Ops & Operations: the role of concepts of operations in shaping the approach to the use of military equipment and vice-versa
  • Connectivity & Security: the importance of connectivity in linking the various elements of capability together ,as well as the challenge to providing security for military networks and connectivity systems
  • Policy Dilemmas: the impact of strategic debates and political decision-making on the ability to deliver military capability


"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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