Policy Dynamics

The crafting and maintaining of military capability through sustaining and building new systems creates a constant flow of policy choices.  These choices are affected by various factors, among which are the following:

  • Acquisition approaches, national industrial choices and switch in priorities (e.g. more on the shelf; more high tech; etc);
  • Success or failure in operations;
  • Budgetary downturns, which affect procurement rhythms, refurbishment and modernization of equipment, and/or require the latter to operate beyond its intended service life, as well as the level and quality of the men in charge of sustaining and upgrading these capabilities;
  • The impact of the performance of personnel in using equipment, and therefore its training and the tools available for it (e.g. simulation);
  • Difficulties in the public and private sector working effectively to deliver the right equipment at the right time and the right circumstances;
  • Significant changes in strategies by nations and services shifting demand for equipment;
  • Or, finally, a shift in the perceived “right” mix of man and equipment to execute that strategy.

This section provides insights and debates on the policies, which shape logistics, sustainment, concepts of operations, connectivity, security and capability.  The goal is to go below the surface of the broader political debates to relate ends to means and to shape understanding of choices informed by capabilities, rather than aspirations.

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—General George Patton Jr.

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