Kadena F-15’s Train in Northern Japan

12/21/2010 – These photos show the USAF training with the Japanese forces.  The jets “trained against” Japan Air Self Defense Force pilots out of Misawa Air Base. Nearly 200 Airmen are at Chitose Air Base, Japan as part of an Aviation Training Location designed to enhance bilateral relations between Japan and the U.S.

Credit: 18th Wing Public Affairs, 11/18/10

  • In the first photo, Capt. Tim Wegner and 1st Lt. Aaron Stevens, both with the 44th Fighter Squadron, waiting on the end of runway for weapons crews to complete their final checks on the F-15 at Chitose Air Base, Japan, Nov. 17.
  • The second and third photos show a three ship of F-15s from the 44th Fighter Squadron training with Japan Air Self Defense Forces over waters of Hokkaido

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