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By Kirsten Ashbaugh

Soltam Mortars (Credit Photo: Soltam Systems)

Soltam Upgrades the CARDOM 120mm Mortar System to Address Urgent Needs of Forces in Afghanistan

“Soltam Systems, manufacturer of Artillery Systems, Mortars, Ammunition and peripheral equipment, has upgraded its battle proven CARDOM recoil mortar system to respond to an urgent operational requirement from theater for a rapid and accurate fire support capability.
“Forces in Afghanistan require the ability to deliver immediate and highly accurate indirect fire with existing ammunition so as to preclude casualties in the civilian population and fratricide….” Read more.

Protected Patrol Vehicles (Credit Photo: Shepard Group)

A New Generation of Protected Patrol Vehicle in Europe

“Today’s battlefield is indeed hybrid and extremely hostile terrain with the predominant threat coming from improvised explosive devices (IEDs), proxy bombs, suicide bombers explosively forged projectiles and land mines. Universal Engineering has developed the RANGER family of armoured vehicles to overmatch this series of threats without compromising mobility or payload….” Read more.

The RAND Corporation

RAND Study: U.S. Military’s Increased Use of Bonuses Has Improved Recruitment and Retention

“The increased use of cash bonuses by the U.S. Department of Defense to encourage military enlistment and reenlistment had a positive effect on recruiting and retention in the armed forces…. Until recently, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have placed greater stress on military recruitment and retention. Recruit quality—defined as the percent of recruits who have earned a high school diploma and who score in the top half of the Armed Forces Qualification Test—fell between 2003 and 2008. In addition, the four service branches, particularly the Army, struggled to meet recruiting goals….” Read more.

Predator Drone (Credit Photo: General Atomics via Defense News)

France Defense Envoy in U.S. for Potential UAV Deal

“French Defence Minister Herve Morin said June 14 he was sending his head of defense procurement to the United States to study the possibility of buying Predator drones there for use in Afghanistan….French forces in Afghanistan have just three drones – called Harfangs and made by the EADS European defense group – and are calling for the rapid deployment of many more to help the fight the Taliban….” Read more.

Air Chief Marshal Jock Stirrup with Prime Minister David Cameron (Credit Photo: Agence France-Presse via Defense News)

U.K. Defense Overhaul

“The government said June 13 that it was replacing armed forces chief Air Chief Marshal Jock Stirrup and the top official at the defense ministry but denied they were being sacked over concerns about the war in Afghanistan….” Read more.

Deputy Defense Secretary Lynn meets with National Security Advisor Marie-Lucie Morin of Canada (Credit Photo: Dept. of Defense)

Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn Discusses Cybersecurity Cooperation with Canada

“Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III is in the Canadian capital to discuss ways the two nations – already the closest of allies – can cooperate to defend critical computer networks and cyber infrastructure.

“Lynn said the cyber threat to the United States and Canada is real and growing, and affects national and economic security….” Read more.

F-35 (Credit Photo: Lockheed Martin)

Team Aims to Boost JSF Engine Efficiency and Thrust, Saving Money

“‘The General Electric Rolls-Royce Fighter Engine Team developed and implemented third-stage, low pressure turbine vanes made from ceramic matrix composites’ to give the airplanes more thrust, range and fuel efficiency due to their lighter weight and increased heat tolerances, according to the Pentagon’s Annual Industrial Capabilities Report to Congress, which was published in May….” Read more.

Ultra Lightweight Warrior  (Credit Photo: BAE Systems)

Eurosatory 2010: BAE Systems Unveils Ultra Lightweight Warrior System

“‘Real life combat in Afghanistan and Iraq helped to shape ULW’s development,’ said Joe Coltman, Vice President with BAE Systems’ Security & Survivability business. ‘Over the years, as new threats have emerged, a soldier’s protection level has likewise had to increase, translating into more and heavier equipment. The ULW system provides the scalable, modular protection that soldiers require, but up to a 35 percent weight savings when measured against comparable soldier equipment,’ added Coltman….” Read more.

The New CV90 Armadillo Family (Credit Photo: BAE Systems via defense-aerospace.com)

Eurosatory 2010: BAE Introduces CV90 Armored Vehicle Variant

“BAE Systems has unveiled a new build standard of its highly-regarded CV90 tracked armoured vehicle – named Armadillo. The armoured personnel carrier variant is displayed for the first time at this week’s Eurosatory exhibition in Paris.

“The CV90 Armadillo family of vehicles combines extremely high levels of protection with excellent mobility. The flexible modular design involves a rear roof section which can be unbolted to allow simple changeover between different mission fits….” Read more.

General Dynamics' Piranha 5 (Credit Photo: General Dynamics via army-technology.com)

Eurosatory 2010: General Dynamics European Land Systems Presents Newest PIRANHA Wheeled Armored Combat Vehicle

“General Dynamics European Land Systems will display PIRANHA Class 5, the latest member of the PIRANHA family of vehicles during EUROSATORY in Paris from 14-18 June 2010.

“The PIRANHA Class 5 will be on display with a Kongsberg 30 mm remote turret featuring a Commanders remote weapon station, Javelin missile system and SAAB LEDS active protection. Global military operations has seen the demand increase for a vehicle that bridges the gap between deployable light forces, with their inherent low survivability, and more survivable heavy forces that are difficult to deploy and have high life cycle costs….” Read more.

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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