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SLD offers two online marketing opportunities for its sponsors and partners. One is your brand featured on SLDs well-visited home page. Your company logo is linked to your website creating a non-reciprocal inbound link. So your exposure to our audience is very targeted and your website gains a valued inbound link improving your online visibility.

A more comprehensive and very effective opportunity is our SLD Whitepaper & Sponsor Logo Program. More than just a linked PDF file, SLD works with you to create a customized multimedia experience that engages the targeted visitor and enables them to fully absorb your solution. Your unique security or defense product or service will be promoted in a highly visible White Paper directory on the SLD Home Page. Once selected, the visitor is brought to a fully functional white paper interface that features your benefit oriented content; a simple click function that expands information for additional detail; photo animation galleries or video; and a fully branded contact page with links to your website.

SLD also offers customized solutions that combine sponsorship and special editorial content. Call us at 571-255-6259 or email us at promo@sldinfo.com to create a unique package for you.

“I found the coverage of defense and economic interactions very useful to my piece on the evolution of Europe.”
— Senior New York Times Foreign Correspondent

“The coverage of the USCG is unique. I used the site to get basic background on evolving developments.”
— Senior U.S. Defense Analyst

“When we came to shape our understanding of the Gulf oil crisis, we found unique interviews on the website useful to shape our program on the Gulf.”
— Senior BBC Correspondent

“The maritime security publication really helped bring knowledge of our approach and capabilities to a broader audience.”
— Senior Defense Industrialist

OFFER 1 – SLD Multi-Media White Paper Program:
(1) Whitepaper & Logo
12 months / $2,000
(3) Whitepapers & Logo
12 months / $5,000
(5) Whitepapers & Logo
12 months / $8,000
OFFER 2 – Sponsor & Partner Logo & Inbound Link Program:
12 months / $400


Gain global exposure for your military defense and security solutions

Join the most innovative developers of military defense and security products around the world. Second Line of Defense (SLD) has become a “go to source” for connecting logistics sustainability and Con-Ops information from experts in the field, and delivering it at the right time to the warfighter.

Internationally focused, Sldinfo.com produces content in both English and French. In addition to information provided by SLD’s expert staff, this website offers regular contributions from senior field analysts in the form of news briefs, in-depth interviews, feature articles, special reports, photos and videos. SLD’s field generated content highlights solutions from the perspective of military logisticians and the defense and security support community.

"We used the site and its comprehensive materials as a key resource in writing our lead story on the USCG and the Administration."
— Senior Washington Post Correspondent


Over 80,000 Visits Per Month!

Reaching thousands of military and security personnel

Sldinfo.com visitors generate over 80,000 page views every month

Could your organization benefit from influencers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and the BBC all scanning SLD content to support their defense and security focused newscasts?

In addition to the top publication writers on defense and security in the world, SLDinfo.com draws a diverse and extraordinarily loyal audience. Statistics show that over 30% of monthly visits are returning customers from over 130 countries. Since the website’s launch, visitation and page views have increased over 200% each year. It’s no wonder why SLD principles have been regular sources for the BBC, Defense News, Novosti, DOD Buzz and Politico.

"The site has unique coverage of the USMC and is a major source of shaping the kind of understanding which the Corps needs in these challenging times."
— Senior USMC Officer


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Contact Second Line of Defense at 571-255-6259 to speak with a customer care representative about your marketing opportunity with SLDinfo.com. We’ll help you with either program offered and outline the specific materials and implementation plan that will put your organization in front of the leading influencers and decision-makers on security and defense solutions. Call Today! Or E-mail us at: promo@sldinfo.com

“The website has brought together the most senior and innovative thinkers on the future of airpower. In a time when thinking on airpower is either non-existent or pedestrian, this is a real contribution.”
— Retired USAF Four Star General

“As we look at future budgets, the future of the new programs is uncertain. I find more material on this website which informs about operational capabilities of the new systems, than on any other site. Because the site focuses on con-ops and logistics, it provides a unique perspective.”
— Senior U.S. Congressional Aide

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking."

—General George Patton Jr.

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