NATO Submarine Rescue System

11/22/2017: Building on technology that rescued seven Russian submariners in 2005, three NATO Allies developed a cutting-edge underwater rescue system.

The NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS ) is a cooperative project between three NATO countries: France, Norway and the United Kingdom.

It is designed to rescue personnel from submarines in distress and can dive to depths of up to 600 metres. It consists of three main parts: an intervention system, a rescue vehicle and a transfer under pressure system.

It is the largest fly-away submarine rescue system and can dive up to six hours, four times a day.

On each dive, it can rescue approximately 12 submariners, who will receive medical treatment in its facilities, if needed.

The NATO Submarine Rescue System is available to anyone on request and can be deployed almost anywhere in the world within 72 hours.




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