Portuguese Commandos Support Afghan National Army

NATO Training Mission Afghanistan, 1/12/11

  • In the first photo, from top to bottom left to right: Portuguese army commandos Pfc. Hugo Martins, from Algarve; Pfc. Helder Vale, from Viana do Castelo; Pfc. Eder Alves, from Lisbon; and Pfc.Mario Gordinho, from Algarve, pose for a photo in Kabul Military Training Center, Jan. 121. The commandos provide extra-security to advisors assigned to NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan. Advisors from several different countries, including Portugal help Afghan National Army instructors teach recruits at the center.
  • In photo two, Portuguese army commando Pfc. Eder Alves, from Lisbon, watches over advisors from atop a HMMWV at Kabul Military Training Center, Jan. 12.
  • In the third photo, the patch of Portuguese army commandos assigned to NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan help Afghan National Army instructors who teach recruit is shown.

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