Co-founder of Intel, Andy Grove, described a strategic inflection point as "an event that changes the way we think and act."

Second Line of Defense is launching a series of reports that examine emerging strategic inflection points. A collaboration of Dr. Harald Malmgren and Dr. Robbin Laird, The Strategic Inflection Points Report will examine events which have just occurred, are occurring or are likely to occur that constitute strategic inflection points which can re-set history.

Companies, organizations and nations tend to assume that the past is a prologue to the future. We often overlook events occurring which will have dramatic impact on the course of future events that will re-shape the strategic environment. The Strategic Inflection Points Report is designed to help our subscribers, forward-thinking global leaders, stay ahead of the curve and support more informed decision-making.

The Strategic Inflection Points Report will be produced bi-monthly and available for purchase at throughout the year.


Anticipation, and re-thinking of assumptions concerning the evolution of global affairs is central to looking at the evolution of the decade ahead.

With the world increasingly interactive through advances in communications technologies, the impacts of disruptive events can materialize faster and with greater intensity than might have happened only a decade or two ago. As a result, disruptive events often mark historical inflection points – when high impact shifts the trajectory of political, security, or economic forces.

Strategic Inflection Points Issue 2 (TOC)

  • The Focus of the Reports
  • The Euro Crisis: Federalism or Disaggregation?
  • Is a Federalist Solution in the Cards?
  • The Emergence of a New European Map
    • Three Epicenters for a New European Map
    • The Nordic States and the Next Phase of European Development
    • The Greek Vortex
  • In Lieu of a Conclusion

The Strategic Inflection Points Report looks at such "game changers," forcing us to consider whether they have set in motion a paradigm shift. In this framework of thinking, we will focus on events and their potential strategic consequences.

The first report has featured a look at the prospect of a hard economic landing within China. Such a hard economic landing would occur within a period of significant political transition. Based on unique sources inside China, the report highlights findings about the road ahead. The report has been read by many of the world’s leading bankers and was highlighted on AOL Defense.

The second report will examine the impact of the Euro crisis on Europe and beyond. The report will focus on the shift from Eurocracy to the shaping of a new European map and its global consequences.

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Dr. Malmgren is a global strategic analyst with a specialty in political economic affairs. He has a global client base ranging across Europe, the United States, and Asia. Well known for thinking outside the box, he is regularly consulted by major public and private stakeholders in the global economy.

Dr. Laird is the co-founder of Second Line of Defense. He has written more than 25 books on military and strategic affairs and has worked at several major think tanks in Washington DC. His work has embraced US, European, Latin American, and Asian strategic affairs.

Anticipation, and re-thinking of assumptions concerning the evolution of global affairs is central to looking at the evolution of the decade ahead. Disruption is as a likely as continuity, so staying within safe confines will lead to strategic failure.

The Strategic Inflection Points Report is designed to help our subscribers anticipate and capitalize on high impact events while avoiding strategic failure.

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