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Special Report on the Russian Military

In this Special Report, Richard Weitz provides an update based on a Russian site visit on the Russian Military. Weitz had the opportunity to participate in the firstDefense and Security section meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club inMoscow from May 25-27.Read More

Cameri, Italy and the F-35: Special Report (English and Italian Versions)

In this special report, (published in BOTH Italian and English)  we look at the Italian engagement with the F-35 and the thinking of Italian airpower leaders about the impact of the F-35 on the future.


Designing the Integrated Force

This special report looks at Australian thinking and efforts to design and shape an integrated force.

Download: 21st Century Air Capabilities

This publication focuses on the Three M’s. In today’s world, the acquisition of aircraft in financially stringent environments favors multi-mission platforms.  The second M is maintainability. New platforms are built with a significant focus on enhancing their ability to be maintained.  The final M is manufacturability. Briefing slides and simulations are not the same thing as a finished product of high quality and high reliability. Here you need a trained workforce, good engineering practices and an ability to deliver a consistent product with high standards.

Australian Defense Modernization: Shaping Capabilities for 21st Century Operations

In this special report, Second Line of Defense looks at Australian defense modernization, notably in the air systems areas.


Visiting RAF Lossiemouth: The RAF Shapes a Way Ahead

This Special Report highlights perspectives from the operators at RAF Lossiemouth.

TACC Special Report

This is the 10th Special Report on Power projection. The TACC provides a unique Command and Control capability which operates the U.S. tanker, airlift and inter-theater medical evacuation fleet worldwide.  It is a unique asset. It is a core asset which underwrites U.S.Read More

European Defense, the Arctic and the Future

In this Special Report, Second Line of Defense looks at the evolving defense and security situation in the Arctic and Northern Europe.

The Integration of the F-35B into USMC Operations

This special report provides an update on the introduction and integration of the F-35B into evolving USMC operations.

National Security Cutter Special Report

This special report on the National Security Cutter focuses on the key role which this capability plays for the USCG and its missions.  The NSC is unique in providing for both defense and security missions provided for by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense.  

Read More

The Evolving Future for Naval Aviation

In this Special Report, Second Line of Defense looks at the training for air wing integration and the preparation for the future.


Rethinking China Policy

This special report looks at the strategic opportunity facing the Trump Administration with regard to China.

Special Report on Crafting a New Pacific Strategy

As the United States looks forward to the twin challenge of rebuilding its forces within fiscal constraints and ending the priority focus on land campaigns, the Pacific clearly is the dominant strategic reality.  How can the Pacific with its vast dimensions and many strategic players provide the stimulus for effective restructuring of American and Allied forces.Read More

Shaping a 21st Century Approach to Tron Warfare

In this Special Report, Ed Timperlake looks at the intersection of the emergence of the F-35 fleet and rethinking concepts of air combat operations.

Shaping a Way Ahead for Norwegian Defense

This special report looks at reshaping of Norwegian defense and its impacts.

Special Report: Update on Turkey

Second Line of Defense’s Richard Weitz and Fracnk Znaty provide a timely update on Turkey and its role as a crossroads state.  Znaty underscores that the Turkey is becoming quite different than in the Cold War and immediate post-Cold War period.  Read More

Promoting Nuclear Energy and Non-Proliferation: The Contribution of Kazakhstan

In this Special Report, Richard Weitz looks at the role of Kazakhstan in pursuing and promoting nuclear security.

Leverage Allied Investments and Combat Learning Experience in Modernizing the U.S. Military

As the US looks to develop new capabilities, a key way to accelerate modernization is embracing foreign capabilities.

The Baseline F-35

The F-35 represents a new approach to the development, production, system and sustainment of a fleet of combat aircraft.

Integrating Innovative Airpower: A Report from the Copenhagen Airpower Symposium

On April 17, 2015, two of our partners, the Williams Foundation (Australia) and the Centre for Defense Studies (University of Copenhagen) hosted a seminar in Copenhagen on airpower innovation.

The Maritime Services and the Kill Web

This special report looks at the emergence of the kill web from the perspective of the maritime and air forces.

Bold Alligator 2012 and the Future of the Expeditionary Strike Group

Bold Alligator 2012 was the largest Amphibious exercise in more than a decade. After a decade of land wars, the “return” of the USN-USMC team to littoral engagement operations is a core skillset, which needs to be highlighted and further, enhanced and developed.Read More

The Coming of the F-35: The Services and Partners Get Ready

This report looks at the services and the allies as they prepare to introduce the F-35 and to begin to transform their airpower capabilities.

The Future of Electronic Warfare

This special report looks at the future of electronic warfare from the perspective of the participants in a Williams Foundation seminar on the subject.

The ACE of the Future: Yuma and Beyond

The Marines have stood up their first squadron of F-35 Bs at MCAS Yuma.

Plan Jericho: The RAAF Shapes a Transformation Strategy

This report looks at the RAAF approach to the transformation of jointness as they prepare to introduce the F-35 into the force.

North European and North Atlantic Defense: The Challenges Return

This Special Report looks at innovations in the region and how these innovations might inform transformation of the forces of the liberal democracies in dealing with the illiberal powers.

The Central Asian Security Dynamic: A Key Crossroads Region in Global Politics

In this special report, Richard Weitz looks at various aspects of the evolution of policy in Central Asia.

Shaping the Future of Italian Airpower

This report looks at the double transition for Italian airpower under the impact of the introduction of the F-35 into the force and the modernization of the Eurofighter.

The National Computer Quality Supervising Center: A Core Chinese Dual Use Technology Capability

The National Computer Quality Supervising Center is a critical information technology infrastructure component of the dual-use electronic components and systems industrial base of China.

It is a key element augmenting Chinese competitiveness and ability to penetrate the global supply chain.

Lessons Learned at Pax River: The Coming of the F-35 Fleet

Squadron Pilots in Marines, USAF and Navy, and in partner Air Forces will be backed up by the best test community at Edwards and Pax.

Re-Shaping Pacific Strategy

In a single special report key pieces by the SLD team published on AOL Defense are brought together into a single downloadable document for our readers.


The Renorming of Airpower: The F-35 Arrives Into the Combat Force

The F-35 has entered the combat force, and here is an update from interviews conducted over the past 8 months.

Download: AMF JTRS: Shaping a Collaborative Warfighting Enterprise

The report is our 7th in our Future of Power Projection Series and is entitled AMF JTRS: Shaping a Collaborative Warfighting Enterprise

Shaping the Afghan Transition: The Airpower Dimension

This report looks at how the Afghan Air Force can be augmented and strengthen as part of the transition; and how this transition is part of a broader US military strategic evolution as well.

New Approaches to Air-Land Integration: A Williams Seminar on 5th Generation Enabled Combat Operations

What is clear is that the Aussies are at the cutting edge of the rethink of how to reshape an integrated 21st century force.

Download: Middle East Crisis Special Report

This special report focuses upon the potential role of the US military in the current Middle Eastern crises.  Notably, the role of the Amphibious Ready Group or ARG is considered as well as the impact of the newly equipped ARG in giving new options to the National Command Authority.  The impact on the USN in Bahrain as well as the role of Iraq and the US military relationship with Egypt is discussed.

The B-17 and Its Continuing Legacy

This report looks at the B-17 and the B-17 experience in World War II as well as some lessons learned for today.

The Arrival of a Maritime-Domain Awareness Strike Capability: The Impact of the P-8/Triton Dyad

The P-8/Triton dyad is introducing a new maritime domain awareness strike capability to the fleet and to the joint and coalition forces.

Hypersonics Special Report

In our 8th special report in our Future of Power Projection Series, Professor Lewis provides an overview and assessment of progress in shaping US hypersonic capabilities.  Lewis highlights the importance of funding a robust test program for this important capability to be fielded.Read More

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—General George Patton Jr.

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