US and Iraqi Joint Air Training: “Train, Advise, Assist”

To “Train, Advise, and Assist” is the mission of the 721st AEAS. Training will be key to the success of the Iraqi air force:   this slideshow highlights US and Iraqi air training activities by the 721st AEAS.

Credit: U.S. Air Forces Central Public Affairs, Balad, Iraq, March 2nd, 2010

  • The first photo shows an Iraqi Mi-17 helicopter aerial gunner preparing to let passengers aboard an Mi-17 helicopter at Joint Base Balad, Iraq.
  • The second photo shows Iraqi Mi-17 helicopter aerial gunner, Athier Fiaz, scanning the area during takeoff at Camp Taji, Iraq.
  • The third and fifth photos show Iraqi air force members taking notes during a pre-mission crew brief at Camp Taji, Iraq.
  • The fourth photo shows U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Ethan Masslow and Iraqi Air Force aerial gunner, AthierFiaz, preflight a PKM machine gun onboard an Mi-17 helicopter. Masslow is deployed from the 40th Helicopter Squadron, Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana.
  • The sixth photo shows Iraqi air force aerial gunner, Athier Fiaz, attaching a gun mount for a PKM machine gun on an Mi-17 helicopter before takeoff at Camp Taji, Iraq, March 2nd, 2010.
  • And the final photo shows Iraqi Mi-17 helicopter aerial gunner, Athier Fiaz, preparing for takeoff at Camp Taji, Iraq.


***Posted March 22nd, 2010

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