Visiting SP-MAGTF Crisis Response in Spain: Prior to the Sudan Mission

01/09/2014: Second Line of Defense’s Murielle Delaporte visited the SP-MAGTF Crisis Response in Morón Air Base, Spain a few days prior to their mission to South Sudan to extract US embassy personnel. 

The SP-MAGTF Crisis Response was formed over an 8-month period and first deployed to Europe for temporary basing in April 2013. 

Several training sessions in Europe and Africa with various European and African partners have occurred through the year, but the Sudan mission was the second deployment of the force.

The first operation of SP-MAGTF Crisis Response was in May when they reinforced the U.S. Embassy at  Tripoli with a platoon-sized element.

Training for deployment is a key part of mission success and in the photos various aspects of the training and equipment of the SP-MAGTF Crisis Response is highlighted.

The Osprey is crown jewel of the SP-MAGTF Crisis Response in terms of equipment but the KC-130J is a key enabler. 

By taking its own lift and tanking capability with it, the unit has autonomy in operations and long legs for a deployment.

Photo Credits: Photos 1 through 6 were shot by Murielle Delaporte.

 Photo 7 was provided by SP-MAGTF Crisis Response

  •  In photo one, the KC-130J is seen behind the Ospreys.
  •  In photo 2, SP-MAGTF Crisis Response leaders prepare for the mission.
  •  In photo 3, SP-MAGTF Crisis Response members get ready for the mission.
  •  In photo 4, SP-MAGTF Crisis Response members get ready to board an Osprey.
  •  Photos 5 and 6 provide a broader view of the SP-MAGTF Crisis Response Ospreys.
  •  Photo 7 takes another look at SP-MAGTF Crisis Response members getting ready to board an Osprey.




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